Hi everybody! Well I’m off to the Caribbean tomorrow! HEL-LO! Yes- I’m leaving this cold, snowy, desolate place for some lovely warm beaches.

Actually, it’s a cruise ship. My husband was awarded a cruise for “good behaviour” (HAHA) and the whole cruise ship is people from all over Canada that work with the same company. Spouses have it easy. I get to lay by the pool all day in the sun while he is supposed to attend a few meetings. However- we have a stateroom with a veranda so he can hide out there if he needs to.

So I’m leaving tomorrow, one night in Calgary, then another night in Miami & then on Saturday we board the ship! Never been on a cruise before & actually never been on a tropical vacation before either. I always feel like I should just use that money & go to Europe instead. Kids are not allowed so it should be relaxing & restful & yes- I do know that I am implying when I say that!

So you will not hear anything from me until after we get back on the 19th. But I wanted to leave you with something. So I made a video! It’s of me working & some photos of my finished pieces. It is of me working on my piece titled “Days Like these”. I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments below!