Hello all, it is probably time for me to share what has been going on as I have not been very active lately. My mom was recently diagnosed with brain cancer and I had to suddenly leave for Phoenix to help with all of that & be with my parents. She has had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible & is now awaiting treatment.

As you can imagine, life has been a little different for me and quite exhausting. So, in order to be able to support my parents as I would like, I have decided it is best to cancel all of my Spring Shows.

BUT I want to assure you all that I will still be painting (as it is quite therapeutic for me) & my work is all still available to purchase & I am still very much wanting to sell my artwork as it is my whole income. I do not have my online store open right now but you can still purchase by messaging me & I still take all forms of payment. Or if you are on Facebook, head on over to my page and check out the Online Studio Sale Event I have going on right now.

Please be patient as I will be posting various pieces from time to time to encourage sales because that is the only way I have to bring in income. I don’t like to push my artwork on people. I believe if someone loves my artwork they love it, & if they don’t like it, nothing I say will change their minds. So in keeping with that spirit, I will just be putting my work on this FB page & on my website (which is still running) in the hopes that you all enjoy it & if you feel so led, you can share it & comment as I still need support & encouragement in many forms.

One more thing- this was the piece that I finished just before I rushed onto a flight to Pheonix to spend a few minutes with my mom before she went in for surgery.

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Landscape Painting with a mother and daughter in a field of flowers. Fine Art Acrylic Painting done by Canadian artist Janelle Nichol