Yup. I’ve been gone for awhile. It’s been ages since I’ve done a blog post. I think the last time I posted was back when people were still discussing whether the dress was gold or blue. (It’s gold BTW). I don’t even know what to say so lets just list all my excuses here and get it all out in the open:

  • It was winter. For like 8 months.
  • I’ve been painting.
  • 3 kids. 1 husband.
  • I’ve been doing shows. (OK Christmas 2014 was my last one)
  • My mom was diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • I’ve been depressed. Because winter.
  • Went to Disneyland
  • Dealing with anxiety and obsessing issues. Turns out winter isn’t my main problem.
  • But winter.

So about 2 of those are legit reasons for my irresponsibility. Especially since it’s been Summer for almost 3 months now. BUT I’M BACK NOW!!!!

Aaaaand I have a BIG announcement! I can’t tell you what that is yet BUT if you go back HERE to my FB Post & comment letting me know what you think my announcement is, you may just get discounted or free access to something! (that’s a hint right there). If you are one of those that still aren’t on FB, just comment here.

Look for the actual announcement later this week. I’m so excited about it!