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I thought I would do a post telling you a little bit about myself. You may have read my bio on the  order provigil europe page and if you haven’t yet, I would love it if you went over there & took a look.

But this post is a little more informal as I have not put too much thought into this ahead of time. I kind of just wanted it to be “25 things that I can QUICKLY think about myself”, and just for fun- I’m also including a webcam photo of me writing this blog-post.

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I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear any comments you have! Just click on the specific title of this post (if you haven’t already done so) and the option to leave comments will appear at the bottom.  Here we go:

25 Things About Me -Janelle Nichol

1. I love Americano Mistos. Right now mine is made with half skim milk & half eggnog. (mmmmm….Christmas!)

2. I was voted most Outrageous Dresser in my grade 12 high school yearbook.

3. I love to make up ridiculous songs and annoy my kids with them.

4. I have 3 sisters & one brother. I am the oldest girl but often people mistake me for being the youngest. I like to think it’s because I am not aging at all, when in reality it is more likely because I’m the most immature.

5. My middle name is Natasha.

6. I’m a Christian.

7. I’m short and small. And sweet! (I had to add the 3rd one. I needed another “s” in there)

8. I listen to every type of music, especially while I’m working. From rap to classical, from Enya to pop, from Evanescence to alternative…you get the idea.

9. I’m having difficulty thinking of 25 things and I’m only at #9.

10. I love to travel & I LOVE LOVE Europe! It is my dream to someday live in a villa outside of Rome. Even if it’s just for 3 months or something.

11. I love to hear a train whistle while I’m sleeping at night.

12. I love to hear the dishwasher running while I’m sleeping at night.

13. I apparently love to hear things while I’m sleeping at night.

14. I’m learning things about myself doing this little exercise.

15. I like to slack off and answer questions by NOT really answering questions. (see the previous 2 comments)

16. I acquired the ability to avoid answering questions from my mother. She is the QUEEN of not actually answering the question that was asked.

17. I met my husband when I was 13.

18. I am obsessed with photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad.

19. I play piano. Chopin, Debussy and Schubert are some of my favorites to play.

20. I am cold. ALL the time.

21. I can be very obnoxious. But only when I’m around my sisters because they bring it out…..ya we’ll go with that.

22. I’m TERRIBLE at doing laundry.

23. I’m also not that great at cooking….but I can make a turkey dinner like nobody’s business.

24. I’m obsessed with the Olympics. When they are happening, I pretty much camp in front of the TV for the whole 2 weeks.

25. I can’t stop buying body lotion.

There! I did it! Watch for a “25 things about my art” post in the future. Please feel free to comment below!

6 thoughts on “25 Things About Me

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  2. Thanks Janelle, that was very entertaining! 🙂 And I see Esther also picked up on #16. I laughed when I read that cuz my kids might also say that about me…occasionally. Your mom! Why would she pass that on to so many people? 😉

  3. Love this! Having know you for about 30 years, there was only a couple things that I did not actually know, like #1……BUT, i still think this is a great way to get to “know” someone 🙂 Looking forward to the next “25 things” 🙂

  4. Apparently the ability to not answer the question that was actually asked could be a family trait! 🙂 (just ask Bryan) I never knew that! Enjoyed learning more about you Janelle! 🙂

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