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Hi everybody! I will soon be announcing new collections and styles but first I wanted to let you know about a show I will be doing in the Edmonton area in April.

It is the buy brand provigil show. I’m very excited and looking forward to doing the show! It is at the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert, Alberta. I will be in booth 78. If you are able to come, please do drop in and say hi. I love to hear from people who follow me online! Here are the dates

April 11- 10AM- 9PM

April 12- 10AM- 6PM

April 13- 11AM- 5PM

I will be selling

Originals (various sizes from 5×7 to 12×16)

Prints (8×10, 11×14, 16×20)

Giclee Canvases (11×14 and 16×20).

It will also be the first time I will be showing an entirely new collection! That will be announced online later this week but you will be able to view this collection in person for the first time in Edmonton. Of course, all of my previous works will be available for purchase as well.

Here are some of my Spring/Summer themed pieces.

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buy provigil canada pharmacy


Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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Sketches inspired by Figure Skaters in the Olympics. by inspirational artist Janelle Nichol

Don’t you hate it when you have a million ideas running through your mind and approximately 15 things you have to do and you don’t have time to be obsessed with Olympics, but the Olympics are on so you’re obsessed with Olympics? This is my first world problem I have going on right now.

Because I’m in love with Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue, I’ve been watching Ice Dancing. Who are we kidding? I watch everything. Yes- I’m one of THOSE people, who every four years, gets very excited about all of the sports people thingys and then goes back to living in complete ignorance of Speed Snowboarding , Ski-shooting, Mogul half-pipe, Super G Ice Dancing, Aerial Figure Skating, Downhill Curling and all the other sportsy sports out there.

Oh, I also LOVE the triathlon where they do the Ice snowboard down the moguls,  land into the half frozen sea with snowshoes, get out and ride on their bobsleds down a ski-jump into a hockey net. SO AMAZING!….or was that a dream I had last night?

So, here is what I’ve come up with so far as a solution to being completely lazy on the couch watching Olympics while also feeling productive. I’m just showing “snippets” of the sketches here, the finished products will be along shortly. Hope you enjoy!

Sweet mother, it has been so long since I last posted! I’ve been pretty busy…. Busy doing nothing to be more precise. To make it easier, I will just do this blogpost in point form.

What I have been doing:

– On December 21st, we finished our basement that we were forced to do renovations on because we had a little mini flood back in June. YES- it took that long & it is a long road to nowheresville to explain why.

– On the 22nd of December, we took our daughter in to get stitches..she fell on the ice & put a huge hole in her knee. To be fair, she is our clumsiest child. She makes up for it by being an intellectual…oh the joys of having an 11 year old that is very literal & logical and corrects every sarcastic comment I make. I would tell her to stop but I think she’s a lot smarter than me & I wouldn’t know where to begin.

– On the 23rd, I got food poisoning. This was much fun.

– Also on the 23rd, our furnace quit. Now that might not seem like a big deal but let me tell you, when the temperatures are -30 degrees (-22 fahrenheit)  THAT’S A HUGE DEAL!!!! Unfortunately, I was delirious with nausea at the time & could not muster up the energy to wake my husband up in the middle of the night to tell him the furnace quit. Between the freezing and the wretching, my body couldn’t figure out what to concentrate on. I would rather swim in hot lava than go through these 2 things simultaneously again.

– By Christmas day however, things were pretty much back to normal & I began my marathon of 3 seasons worth of Downton Abbey. I don’t really watch TV during the year & so I figured I should try to get in as much as I can over the holidays. Now I’ve got this continuous narrative of British Aristocrat in my head. I actually demanded that all of my servants call me “Your Ladyship” which was working quite well until I discovered I didn’t have any servants.

– In December, I also turned 40. This deserves a list all of it’s own. So here it is.

My thoughts about turning 40

where can i buy provigil forum

– it helps that most people tell me I look about 33. Whether they are telling the truth or not remains to be seen.

–  I feel as though I basically took a leave of absence from my life between the ages of 26-38. Now I’m picking up where I left off and getting myself back. So in my mind, I am back to being who Janelle was becoming at 26, but I missed 12 years somewhere along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it. I wanted children & I actually went through a lot to get children, including 2 miscarriages and a whole lot of awesome post-partum depression. But did I lose some of myself along the way?  Maybe I will discover that I have actually gained more than I lost. Then I can pick up where I left off with even more than I would have had I just kept going without interruption. Oh dear, those are some wordy sentences…good luck trying to make sense of it.

– So yes, I am honestly having a little trouble with it & feel like I am maybe going through a mid-life crisis a little bit. I’m very happy to be a “more mature woman” but it seems like everybody is looking at me like my best years are behind me.  Then again, maybe I should just get over myself & realize that no one is looking at me or thinking anything at all! Ok that’s probably more than enough honesty for one day.

My Plans for 2014

– More shows. I have already booked some (I will announce those later) and I hope to schedule in a few more.

–  I also have some new sketches I will be using such as, little girls in tutus, figure skates, hockey skates. I also want to do some more wedding themed pieces.

– Trying/experimenting with some new ideas for my art. Working with more mediums and techniques. So be watching for some pieces that are quite different from what you’ve seen in the past, as well as many new pieces that are in the same abstract folk art style you are used to seeing from me.

– More art videos. I’m working on a new one now for January.

– Of course I’m excited to see some licensing deals this year as well.

& now, just for kicks. I will show you the INSANE amount of snow we have received over the last month. Just a few statistics for you: within 2 weeks, we received all of the average snowfall we normally get over an entire winter. We now have more snow than the last 3 Decembers combined.

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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Hi all! Just announcing the dates for the Christmas Show I am doing in Grande Prairie, Alberta on November 28,29,30th. The times are;

Thursday 28- 12:00- 9:00PM, Friday 29 -12:00 PM- 9:00PM, Saturday 30th-10:00- 6:00PM

Come to the show & find me at booth 126 on the Garden Side in the far back left (Northwest) corner. It’s the same place I was last year. This year I have more art than ever before and many more products and Originals! Scroll down for the videos of me discussing the art & products I will have available at the show.

Here’s some photos from last years show as well as a couple of videos of me discussing more of the artwork and products I will be selling this year.

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Keep up with Janelle Nichol

buy provigil australia  purchase provigil  purchase provigil online   purchase provigil genericpurchase provigil from canada

where to buy provigil in malaysia for my monthly newsletter. I never share emails with third parties and will only send out 1-2 emails a month. Just put Newsletter Subscription in the subject line.

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So this is my Saturday evening. There is a blizzard outside so this setting is particularly cozy tonight. I have my Starbucks, candles, wine and my art so I’m aaaaallllll good. I could tell you all about those little canvases that I’m working on there but I decided to do a couple of videos instead. In the videos I discuss my 5×7 Originals that I do. I have about 100 of them in all for sale. I also show you lots of other cool things that I have available for purchase and I will also have them at the show that I am doing on November 28, 29, 30. Also, at the end of the first video I open the back door and show you some of the blizzard, which as it turns out, was at a more calm point…it got a lot worse later in the day. The snow doesn’t really show up very well on the video that I took either but you can hear the blowing wind. Oh one other thing! In the second one I have my glasses off & on…the reason for that is because I was filming while taking care of my daughter and I kept forgetting I had glasses on & off & I didn’t really feel like going back & shooting it all again.

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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buy brand name provigil online for my monthly newsletter. You will receive a coupon code for 15% off. I never share emails with third parties and will only send out 1-2 emails a month. Just put Newsletter Subscription in the subject line.


Hi all! I have a few new pieces to show you in the next week or so, along with some videos as well. This one is called “A Charmed Life”. I have some detail shots as well as a video of me using my watercolor paints to create the lovely vintage style dress she is wearing. Please make sure to go to the bottom of this post to see all of that! Now,  “buy provigil online reviews“… Somehow that phrase came into my head while looking at this piece, so I decided to with it. First I decided to check & make sure that the meaning of the phrase actually made sense for this piece. Here is the meaning I found online

A Charmed Life: to always be lucky and safe from danger. 

buy provigil online 2018

A Charmed Life- this is the first piece in the Garden Party Series. This charming lady is on her way to tea during this lovely afternoon. This watercolor mixed media painting by inspirational Canadian artist Janelle Nichol is available for licensing.

I think that totally suits this pretty lady. Doesn’t she look like everything is always perfect for her? Her world, her clothes, her hair? Yes, she certainly does lead a Charmed Life. As for the actual reality I had creating this piece….not such a charmed experience. I actually redid this lady 3 times. I had her all painted and everything on the canvas and had to start over twice. I really wanted her to be blonde, but it was just SO MUCH yellow. But a brunette didn’t look right as I wanted to keep the mood of this piece really light & when I painted brown hair on her, it was like “WOW-YIKES!!!” That is to say it really stood out & not in a good way. So I found a way to give her blonde hair with brown paint. So even though I used brown tones, you still get the feeling she is a blonde, maybe a little bit of a red-head. Her dress on the other hand, wad very easy & very fun to paint with my watercolors. Thank goodness for that!!

One other thing…this is just the first piece in my Garden Party Series. I have many more totally completed pieces for this series…unfortunately, they are all still in my head & I don’t have the time to get them all on canvas right now. But I CAN tell you they all look like sweet luscious candy!  I’m hoping to get one more done before Christmas, but the other ones are going to have to wait until next year. I’m also incorporating “Accessory pieces” into this series. Those will include more of a cleaner look that will just be purses and shoes & dresses without a person on them.

This is available to purchase in my buy provigil online without as a small/medium Print, Limited Edition large Print or buy provigil online pharmacy

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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buy brand name provigil online for my monthly newsletter. You will receive a coupon code for 15% off. I never share emails with third parties and will only send out 1-2 emails a month. Just put Newsletter Subscription in the subject line.

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Thanksgiving mixed media artwork by inspirational artist Janelle Nichol. Scripture 1 Thessalonians.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians out there! I’ve had Fall on the brain for sometime now so I am doing a few pieces with the Autumn/Fall theme. I’m actually working on 3 pieces simultaneously. I hardly ever do that…it’s usually just one at a time, but right now I have too many ideas in my head at once so I thought I’d try working on them all at the same time. I’m hoping the pieces will end up looking similar but hopefully different enough.

So here in Alberta, Canada…especially up here in Grande Prairie, which is in Northern Alberta, we don’t really get a lot of different colors in the Fall. It’s mostly just brown & bright yellow. That’s if you’re lucky. Usually, it’s so windy that the leaves don’t even stay on the trees very long so it’s just….sticks. Nice right? BUT sometimes we can get lots of bright yellow leaves against a darkening/foreboding deep blue sky with the sun shining & the contrast is really beautiful. That’s if the snow doesn’t come.  I’ve always wondered why people would say Fall was their favorite time of year. To me, it just means Summer is over & Winter is coming & could LITERALLY be here any second. We don’t really get transitional seasons here, whereas in more Southern areas you still can have lovely warm fall days with just a little bit of crispness in the air. Up here, all we get is COLD. It’s not crisp. It’s cold. Of course, there are some people who would beg to differ with me.

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Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf is a flower. Fall themed Mixed Media artwork by

So that’s my feelings about the season of Autumn. I am trying to incorporate those into my current pieces. Hopefully I can get some of that windy, foreboding blue prairie sky against the bright yellow leaves, but also include some of the oranges and reds that traditionally come with Fall as well.

This is just a short short video of the state of one of my pieces right now. I still have more sketching to do with the people I will put on there but the background is pretty much done I think. Let me know what you think in the comments below. & please don’t forget about the fabulous how to buy provigil online Contest! There is still time to enter & one person will win over $180 worth of Janelle Nichol artwork including various sizes of Prints, and a hand embellished, hand signed, canvas reproduction! how can i buy provigil online

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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buy modafinil online irelandSo I’ve been super busy lately…and not really in a good way. It’s been sucking the life right out of me. It’s been hard to find the time to paint lately and when I have had time, I’ve been very tired or just not in the right frame of mind. Many people assume that creatives have to wait until the inspirational comes to them before they can start to work.  But let me tell you, that is SO NOT the case! I have to sit down, start working and hope the ideas come and yes, sometimes I have to force the ideas to come. I always have little things ideas running around in my head, so I often go digging back there to see if anything good pops up. Many times, one idea turns into 3 ideas. & by ideas, I mean images/visions of a scene on a canvas. I don’t really work from photos, although I do get inspiration from them at times. Usually the people & scenes in my pieces are from scratch in my head and MA-AN do they come out awful at times. Like AW to the FUL. So then I rework them and rework them until I’m satisfied. Usually. Sometimes I just cry. That’s fun too.where to buy provigil ireland

That brings me to my impromptu weekend blog post! I figure I needed a little pick me up, so I bought these super cute aprons. There’s still more at the store and I probably should go back and buy….like… I don’t know… 5 more. But I figure, if I’m painting these cute outfits and these sweet ladies & children, I should have something sweet & cute myself! So, because I manage to still be lazy, even though I hardly have time to breathe, I thought this was the perfect solution. Wear my old shirts & jeans, & tie my super cute apron over it all!! If I’m feeling adventurous, I might even curl my eyelashes & put on some mascara.  This way I instantly feel better & it really does help to put me in the mood to be inspired. One problem which has no solution as yet, is that I don’t want to get my apron dirty.

Here are a couple of photos of one of my new aprons. My 5 year old daughter Piper took most of them, so it was a little difficult to find ones that weren’t completely blurry or weird. And just before I finish this post, I want to tell you about a MAJOR FABULOUS Pin It To Win It Contest that will be starting on Monday. $100.00 worth of Janelle Nichol Artwork OF YOUR CHOICE to the winner!  So please stay tuned for that, you won’t want to miss it 🙂

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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My latest! I titled it “A Winter’s Fairytale”….in case you didn’t catch on from the title of the blog post. It started out being a Christmas piece for a Santa Claus. Nope. That didn’t happen. I was doing all these things to the background, getting it all ready for Santa & what happens? It turns into this dreamy ethereal like background!!! How these things happen I’ll never know.

buy modafinil in canada

A beautiful fairy with delicate wings is resting in a magical dreamlike winter setting. The image of this inspirational art by Canadian mixed media artist Janelle Nichol is available for licensing in a variety of categories.

So because I liked all the white and gray in the background & I REALLY had winter on the brain, I was determined to make this, at the very least, a winter piece, if not a Christmas piece. Let’s be clear, I could have covered all of this up & started over, but the colors and the whole mood of this piece was begging for me to keep going with this. I must have been listening to some kind of dreamy, mood music or something. So I think that it kind of looks like a winter setting but more of a dreamy magical winter setting with the pink and the red flowers etc. She is a fairy & so she has lots of flowers on her dress and I tried to get away with keeping her dress just pink and white but it did not look good people. It needed some kind of color. So yes- she has flowers and green leaves on her dress. In winter. It’s not supposed to make sense! This is a magical winter where flowers still grow and people aren’t cold. Just…..go with me.

Detail shots of A Winter’s Fairytale. A few of these turned out SO GOOD. They just look so luscious! You can purchase this piece by Contacting me. Prices are as follows:

This artwork is available as an iPhone Case, 5×7 Greeting Card and Open & Limited Edition sized Prints:

Open Edition     8×10   25.00 + 12.00 Shipping

Open Edition    11×14  40.00 + 12.00 Shipping

Limited Edition 16×20   60.00 + 12.00 Shipping

Limited Edition Giclee Canvas:

11×14       150.00 + 20.00 Shipping

16×20       200.00 + 25.00 Shipping

buy modafinil canada online Janelle for purchasing information. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal & EMT accepted.

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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