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Janelle Nichol working on her artwork in her studio.

WOW- I really need to learn some discipline. This is what a regular day looks like for me. (update: now that I’ve written this whole post & it’s all out there in black & white,  I can’t decide if this is really sad or just some motivation to get myself together & learn how to focus.)

It starts with me going to bed at some insane time late at night…

Wake up in the morning & look at my phone to see if there are any new exciting messages for me. There isn’t. Get my daughter breakfast.  Most likely put the TV on for Piper. If she has the desire, she may decide that she wants to cuddle in my bed. YAY- that means I hand her the ipad while I try to wake myself up ( sleep some more).

I lazily get dressed & make the bed in a state of half-consciousness.  Because seriously, that’s just ridiculous if you don’t even do that. Plus, just making your bed can make your room look so much cleaner!!…even if you still have suitcases in there from the cruise you went on at the beginning of January. (what? I don’t do that.)

I manage to feed myself at some point in the morning. Why I don’t do this when I feed my daughter is beyond me. Then I announce to Piper that we are moving ourselves to the basement so whatever she needs from upstairs she should get it now because there is NO WAY that I am going to go back upstairs & get it for her! We will have so much fun working side by side today. I will do my art & she will sit beside me & do her art & her activity book. Oh it’s going to be such a good productive day!!!

I turn my computer & my heater on. Yes my heater. I then go upstairs because Piper forgot something that she desperately needs & can’t live without it & she certainly can’t be in the basement without it. Also, her legs are tired & she has a hangnail on one of her fingers so she can’t go & get it herself.

I come back down & look at my email to see if I got something amazing in there. I didn’t. At this point I’m thinking that I need to get started on my new piece that is whirling around in my mind. But first- I need to check my email again. You never know, I might have gotten something seriously important in that last 30 seconds.

Then I decide I need to put some more items in my buy provigil cheap online. But first, I should find out if that sketch I did will work with the canvas I was planning on using. Which leads me to start looking for the sketch & freaking out because it’s not in my sketch book. Like really, if my sketch isn’t in my sketch book, then where in the world would I have put it??!! Before I have time to really consider where that sketch could be I have to go upstairs & get a blue crayon for Piper because the 3 blue crayons that she has down here won’t work for some reason. I convince her that she doesn’t need a blue crayon because she can color the lion…I don’t know…yellow? brown? Whatever. I’ll just go get it.

I get back downstairs &…yup…I check my email. Nothing. Oh wait! There is an email from Sephora- they have some amazing deal on some beauty products. I’ll have to get back to that…I’m being super disciplined today sooooo ya. I then start putting more items into my Etsy shop but something is nagging at my brain & I can’t quite figure out what it is, but until I remember I will be in complete turmoil with no peace in sight.

OK- I added 5 items to my Etsy shop! YAY! Must be time to check my email again. Alright- still nothing exciting. While I’m on the computer, I might as well resize my new images for my website &  send over the new image to my agent. About 1 hour later, what should I do now? Oh ya- I was going to start that piece. That sketch! Where is it??? “Oh man- this day was going so well, I was actually being productive until I lost my sketch! Oh. Here it is. Who put it there?” OK- now I start on my canvas. Piper informs me it’s lunchtime. I go upstairs with her & have lunch…at least she does. I don’t know what I eat actually.

Email time! Ooooh I got something interesting. I then spend about an hour online going from site to site to site. Then I decide I need to make a schedule to keep on track, but first I should start on my piece. So I finally get out all the stuff to start my background & I Actually-Get-Started. After about 20 minutes, I need to go back upstairs & get Piper her princess dress because she has decided that she is the princess & I am the queen. Also- I must talk to her in a British accent. Now that I’m the queen & all. Must be time to check email again!

I get distracted with my supplies & start making a list of things I need to re-stock. After about 45 minutes of that, it’s time to get back to my piece. Ethan walks in the door. WHAT? It’s 3:30 already? Well that means I have to go pick up Avery from the bus stop right away. But I still have about 10 minutes so since I’m super disciplined, I’m not going to waste it- no sir. I should check my email again. Shoot! I’m going to be late picking up Avery!

Now I might as well get started on supper. At some point around 8:30 PM, I manage to get back downstairs into the studio/office & I start working on my piece again. With no distractions but myself. Must be time to check email! After about 10 minutes of doing email stuff. I start working & now I get into the zone because I have my earphones on & Cam is home & the kids are in bed. The canvas is coming along & I’m so happy with how it looks! Pause for roughly 5 minutes to listen to an awesome song that just came up on my ipod. Go back to work for awhile. I decide to look at the clock. 2AM!!!!! Are you kidding me?? I thought it was like 11.  Guess I won’t work out today.

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Spring or Fall? Inspirational artwork by Janelle Nichol

How is everybody today? We have been having some great weather for the last little while. Well….great for us. It’s been warm & very “Springy”. Usually we do not have  much of this type of weather this early so it’s been really nice. Today actually felt warm! Of course that all depends on where you live. If you live in Canada & especially Alberta than you would agree with me. If you live in a pretty warm climate than you would think it’s still quite cold. But 6 degrees Celsius is pretty warm for the end of February!! We had so much snow before Christmas & it is so nice to see it melting away.

So I’m definitely more of a Spring person. I love seeing all the coldness & darkness of winter leave. I know Fall can be very beautiful in lots of places but many years, we don’t get to enjoy the leaves changing colors here. They turn yellow & then they are gone from the wind. It also gets quite cold here about the beginning of October. I think if I lived in a different area I would probably enjoy Autumn a lot more.

So here is my question- are you more of a Fall person or a Spring person? Also, just for fun, tell me in the buy provigil generic, have a look at my mixed media Folk art images shown here & tell me which piece you prefer? To purchase the Spring/Summer themed piece “In The Springtime” buy genuine provigil, to purchase the Fall themed “Our Best Memories” buy provigil not generic.

Hi everybody! Just to quickly let you know- I now have iPhone 5 Covers in my buy provigil in australia with my Inspirational Artwork on them. All of these are available with a white or a black border, so if you have a preference please let me know.

 If you are wanting to pay by credit card but Etsy isn’t giving you the option, please click on other and we can still do a credit card transaction. Otherwise, you can go ahead and use Paypal.

If you do not want to open an account with Etsy, I am still able to sell them to you. Just click on buy provigil in mexico.

Here’s what they look like!




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Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will. A.W. Tozer. Inspirational Christian artwork by mixed media folk artist Janelle Nichol

I hope you are all excited for the weekend! I am! It means I get some uninterrupted time to work, which is always good 🙂

I mentioned previously, back in my buy provigil online ireland post, that I would do something similar but specific to my artwork. So here it is-  I’m excited myself, as I don’t even know what I’m going to type here. YIKES!

1. First & foremost, I want my artwork to always be inspirational and uplifting in nature. I want it to be empowering and I want it to be beautiful. Not just in the way that a viewer might see it and say “oh that’s so beautiful!” but I want the viewer to FEEL something. I want them to identify and relate to my artwork. I want them to feel inspired, motivated and peaceful. I want YOU to feel like you’ve never seen anything like this before and that’s HARD to do, but hopefully I do achieve that at times.

I have a story….(another one?!) Yes- another one. This is from one of my shows that I’ve done. I noticed a young woman staring at my art once with wide eyes. I asked her if she had any questions. She replied, “I’ve never seen anything like this…I’m feeling something…emotions…inside. I can’t even describe it, but this makes me feel something inside.” Dare I say, she was even tearing up….which made me start getting all verklempt, because of course, if I see anyone getting emotional, I get emotional…I don’t even need to know what it’s about. But this was specifically about my art and was SUCH an amazing compliment. So anyway, I LOVE that every once in a while my artwork can do that to someone.

2. I put this quote on my where to buy provigil in singapore post the other day. “I feel I do my best work when I’m in a slight state of mental frenzy”. Meaning- if I have too much time to think about HOW I should do a piece or a certain element I’m contemplating….it does not turn out too well. I literally become a mental block to myself. Which basically explains my art & life in general. When I do things on instinct or reflex, I’m all of a sudden done and I look at the finished product and think “How did that happen? Did I do that?”

3. Now, this is completely different from the mental frenzy I’m in when I’m trying to work at the same time as being distracted by my children. That is NOT a good state…I usually don’t even bother trying to work on a piece when there is a chance I can be distracted by them. I spend that time doing stuff like this, writing a blog post, putting items up in my where to buy provigil in malaysia, adding things to the can i buy provigil in canada,etc. For instance, right now, my daughter Piper, is having fake phone conversations with me about every 45 seconds and I just paused my typing to cut out a heart for her. I’m not saying this is a bad thing in anyway and I’m definitely NOT complaining. I love that I can do this with my kids doing their own activities right beside me.

4. I love putting significant words hidden in my pieces. For example, the last one I just completed which isn’t even in the gallery yet, has one of daughters middle names on it. I won’t tell you where…you can guess. The piece will be up in the gallery soon 🙂

5. I MUST listen to music while I work. This is not optional in any way. I have 3 different iPods that have various music on them and while one is being used, the other one is charging ready to take it’s place when the first one dies.

6. I rarely know what the piece will look like when I start. I might have an idea of a look I’m going to try for but that’s about as far I get. I start with my sketch of a person or people and imagine if I want them casual, dressy, modern or something that’s more of a vintage feel. Then as I start actually doing the piece, I get more of an idea in my head of where it will go. I honestly feel like the piece tells me which direction it should go. As always, you can view my where to buy provigil in bangkok and watch videos that show me working on my art, or me showing detail shots while talking about the inspirational behind the piece or me just putting a song to a piece I did.

Ok so that was 6 things. My bad. But stay-tuned as I will do another one in the future. I hope you enjoyed & I would LOVE to hear your where can i buy provigil in south africa below!

OK- so I have to confess something. I don’t do a lot of blondes in my artwork. Shocker right? If you have spent even 30 seconds looking at my art, you have probably already figured this out.  I am working on it and it’s not that I don’t like blondes, I do!! It’s just that I come from a family of 4 girls and we are all very brunette so maybe that has something to do with it? Another reason might be that I just find it easier to paint brunettes, or red-heads even and I feel that I can make it look more realistic. I feel like my blondes are more just yellow. But maybe that’s OK??

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A Little Birdie Told Me- Artwork by Janelle Nichol
Take Me Away- Artwork by Janelle Nichol
Days Like These- Artwork by Janelle Nichol

So with all that said, you blondes have my utmost apologies with the promise that I am working on it. But while we’re at it…why don’t you tell me what you prefer in the buy provigil modafinil below and if you agree with me that I’m better with black or brunette hair.

Also- I have a buy provigil online with mastercard I have done of me painting some hair. One of them is the blonde girl in the 3rd piece in this photograph. I would LOVE it if you took the time to watch it 🙂

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Left- It’s Her Beauty by Janelle Nichol
Right- Just Smile by Janelle Nichol

Hope you’re either having a lovely Valentine’s Day or having a totally normal day (whichever you prefer). For myself, it’s more of a totally normal day. Other than my daughter who keeps making me Valentines cards & bringing them to me about every 30 seconds.

So, just a quick question; Casual pink or glamorous kind of crazy pink?

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Today I just wanted to share this short video I put together of my artwork titled “In The Springtime”

It has a little bit of a sweet story behind it, involving my 2 daughters, so I hope you watch & enjoy it! If you do enjoy it, likes &  comments here on my blog or in the YouTube video itself are appreciated. Remember I have a Janelle Nichol YouTube channel that you can subscribe to that has all of my art videos on there.

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I’ve been told that I should write a little bit about Canada on my blog. Here’s a funny little thing I read recently from Jeff Foxworthy & I thought I would include it here. For those of you who are from Canada, I’m sure you will identify as you laugh along & for those of you who aren’t from Canada, hopefully this will be…..enlightening? I also added some photos I have taken of Canada from British Columbia on the west side going east to Niagara falls.

I have also added my own thoughts to some of these. They are in purple.

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May,
You may live in Canada.  ya- the thought of going into a Dairy Queen in the middle of winter is not one I have often.

If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don’t work there,
You may live in Canada. I believe I have actually been the one to offer assistance. On more than one occasion.

If you’ve worn shorts and a parka at the same time,
You may live in Canada.
OK- never done this myself but I’ve seen it happen far too often. Canadians are weird.

If you’ve had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number,
You may live in Canada.
Yup- not sure you can call it lengthy but we did talk about “Felicia” for a little while. Also did this in a text, except I was the person texting the wrong number. They were very nice & we had a lovely discussion about the issue I was dealing with at the time.

If ‘Vacation’ means going anywhere South of Detroit for the weekend,
You may live in Canada.
Well, I’m at the wrong end of the country for Detroit, but if it’s anywhere south of Calgary then yes- total vacation.

If you measure distance in hours,
You may live in Canada
ummm…hello??? Is this not normal? Seriously. Doesn’t everybody do this? We’re the only ones?

If you know several people who have hit a deer more than once,
You may live in Canada.
Yes- we hit a lot of deer while driving on the highways. I myself have hit a moose. Last thing I thought before I hit it was- “thats not a deer”

If you have switched from ‘Heat’ to ‘A/C’ in the same day and back again,
You may live in Canada.
Oh I do this all the time! I really do!

If you can drive 90 km/hr through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching,
You may live in Canada.
  Ya- I don’t know if I go 90 but I’ve driven in some CRA-AZY weather on some CRA-AZY roads.

If you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both unlocked,
You may live in Canada.
Ugh- don’t even get me started.

If you carry jumper cables in your car and your wife knows how to use them,
You may live in Canada
. I’ve never had to use jumper cables though my dad did show me once how to use them. I DO know how to fix our furnace when it stops working. Very important for me as I’m cold ALL THE TIME.

If you design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit,
You may live in Canada.
Well….ya!!!! Otherwise they would get frostbite from the cold.  I stay in the car. While it’s running.

If the speed limit on the highway is 80 km — you’re going 95 and everybody is passing you,
You may live in Canada.
True story. Except I’m probably the one thats passing people.

If driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow,
You may live in Canada.

If you know all 4 seasons: Almost winter, Winter, Still winter, and road construction,
You may live in Canada.
Ugh- don’t get me started on this either.

If you have more kilometers on your snow blower than your car,
You may live in Canada.
I don’t have a snow blower. I shovel the driveway myself.  Its an especially good workout when the snow bank is higher than me. Which isn’t hard as I’m lucky if I’m 5’2″.

If you find -2 degrees ‘a little chilly’,
You may live in Canada.
What?? That’s warm!

Here’s the photos! Click on them to see an enlarged clearer image. As always, I would love to hear your comments below!

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Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I have been busy doing work on the website here and of course doing more art, which you will hopefully see soon in the gallery!

As you may know, my husband and I were on a cruise for 7 nights. We had never been on a cruise before and I was little nervous about it as the thought of being surrounded with all that water around me kind of freaked me out! But you do kind of forget about it a little bit once you are on the ship. Have any of you been on a cruise? I’d love to hear your comments about what you thought of your cruise.

We had a great time and it was very relaxing for me as I got some time away from the kids. I DID have my husband there however, and he likes to wander off like a child at times so keeping my eye on him and making sure he didn’t dawdle getting back to the ship, checking in for our flight, etc. kept me on my toes. Seriously I think we were the last ones in every line up to get on a plane, get on the ship, go through security, check into our hotel, get on the shuttle….Of course he would tell you that I was the one who was wasting time. By the end of it I actually said to him, “from now on we will be at the beginning of every group we are in”. I don’t know why that was important to me, it just seemed to me that maybe if I was in the front I wouldn’t have to worry & stress about being the person left behind. (I have issues).