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Hi everybody!

I am super busy this week getting ready for a big order provigil europe. I am planning on having many originals and prints available to buy so I’m pumping out pieces like a machine! At least that’s what it feels like. I have decided I need to discipline myself as I literally have got my days and nights mixed up. Like I’m some kind of newborn baby or something. CRAZY!!!

Last week I was up until 3AM almost every night and then completely useless during the day. Why would I do that you ask? Well- because it is MUCH easier for me to work on my art when I don’t have people (children) constantly needing things from me. So come 9PM- I really get to work. This has a really bad side effect though as I still need to be awake at 7:30AM. Not sleeping, not eating…it’s been stressful. HOWEVER- I have been loving what I have been doing! So at least there is a plus to this.

Well in order to get myself mentally & physically in a state where I won’t fall apart during the show which involves me working there for 4 days straight from morning till night, I have decided to live like a normal person. We’ll see how that goes.

So here is a quick post showing you some things that I’ve been doing at the lovely wee hours into the night. These are just canvases at different stages…I will still be doing more work on all of these. If you want to see the absolute FINAL pieces…you can come and visit me at my order provigil australia! If you choose to do that- can you also bring me some coffee??? LOL

This is one of my pieces that is kind of a Fall theme. I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it. I think I will put a lady with a black dress walking in it. I also have these 4 5×7 canvases that I will be finishing up this provigil usabuy provigil online reddit

Here are some of my pretty floral canvases. These are so cute! I just love them.I asked my husband the other morning if they were not the most amazing things he’s ever seen. I don’t remember what he said…I think he just nodded. Anyway, I sound like I’m bragging but to me I don’t really think of them as something I did. Just that they happened to turn out so amazing and I’m not sure how. Probably because I barely remember doing them because it was so late at night & it was all a blur. I just saw them sitting there the next morning and thought “hmm! those look pretty good!” 

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Here are some “Forest” themed ones. The black butterfly looks like a bat so I’m probably going to change that. 

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Also- I have taken some video of me working on these so be watching for that. It won’t be posted until after I’m done with the Christmas show though as I have to put my attention elsewhere right now. As always, I would love to hear your comments! Just click on the title of this post & scroll to the bottom.

5 thoughts on “Busy, Busy

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  2. I love reading these blog updates….I totally hear your voice talking 😉 I love finding out what goes through your mind 🙂 I really like the Forrest three pics at the bottom – looks like a butterfly to me – and the the four Fall themed pics 🙂

  3. I love the four canvases with the red on the branches and the other four that are sort of color blocked. Are these going to be prints as well?

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