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Quiet Time- It’s time for a quiet rest and this graceful young lady is cuddling up with her lovely cat as it plays with her beautiful dress.


Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I have a special guest on my blog. It is my agent Bill Uglow!  He offered to write a little something on my blog and I thought long and hard about it…Just kidding,  I said “of course”  immediately!

I could say a lot about him in regards to what I have learned in the last 7 months working with him and I probably wouldn’t stop for awhile. Then you’d get bored and annoyed…so I won’t. But I will say, he has pushed me to work harder on my art then I ever thought I could, and he has inspired me to do and learn things that I thought were completely out of my realm. If you want to read a little bit about him, you can go to buy provigil over the counter and it has much more information on him and the agency itself. Plus, there’s a cute little picture under the Clients tab of one of my artworks. Here’s what he has to say.

“I am thrilled to be working with Janelle on new licensing opportunities. I have been representing artists for licensing purposes for many years and recognize great art when I see it. Janelle’s art falls into that category! And, many companies here in the US are excited to work with her. We have two licenses in place and more to come!”


Love that!

Now, for those of you who may not be aware, I am giving away an 11×11 print of my brand new Artwork titled “Quiet Time”. The original is also available to purchase in my buy provigil dubai. It is a mixed media piece that was inspired by the Victorian time period and it is a folk art style with some unique and abstract elements added. I hope you enjoy it! You can view Detail Shots of this piece buy provigil drug.  I will also be posting a video of it on my buy provigil overnight delivery channel soon so be watching for that.  Here is what you need to do to have an entry into win the Art Print. You must do both #1 and #2 to be entered.

1. Like the Home page of my website. Click provigil drug buy online to do that.
2. Like mybuy provigil europe page. Click buy provigil forum to do that.
3. BONUS ENTRY: “like” buy provigil from mexico in the Gallery.

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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Spring or Fall? Inspirational artwork by Janelle Nichol

How is everybody today? We have been having some great weather for the last little while. Well….great for us. It’s been warm & very “Springy”. Usually we do not have  much of this type of weather this early so it’s been really nice. Today actually felt warm! Of course that all depends on where you live. If you live in Canada & especially Alberta than you would agree with me. If you live in a pretty warm climate than you would think it’s still quite cold. But 6 degrees Celsius is pretty warm for the end of February!! We had so much snow before Christmas & it is so nice to see it melting away.

So I’m definitely more of a Spring person. I love seeing all the coldness & darkness of winter leave. I know Fall can be very beautiful in lots of places but many years, we don’t get to enjoy the leaves changing colors here. They turn yellow & then they are gone from the wind. It also gets quite cold here about the beginning of October. I think if I lived in a different area I would probably enjoy Autumn a lot more.

So here is my question- are you more of a Fall person or a Spring person? Also, just for fun, tell me in the buy provigil in australia, have a look at my mixed media Folk art images shown here & tell me which piece you prefer? To purchase the Spring/Summer themed piece “In The Springtime” buy provigil in mexico, to purchase the Fall themed “Our Best Memories” buy provigil in uk.

Today I just wanted to share this short video I put together of my artwork titled “In The Springtime”

It has a little bit of a sweet story behind it, involving my 2 daughters, so I hope you watch & enjoy it! If you do enjoy it, likes &  comments here on my blog or in the YouTube video itself are appreciated. Remember I have a Janelle Nichol YouTube channel that you can subscribe to that has all of my art videos on there.

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Happy week before Christmas everybody! Today is just a quick blog post and later this week I will be posting the winners of the contest.

Here are 2 pieces I have added to the gallery this week. Yes- these 2 images bring to mind all the precious little ones who were lost on Friday in that terrible tragedy.

I won’t say too much about it because I may never stop talking…or crying. Just want to say that we as a society need to value our children more. Not just when horrific things like this happen….but always. Often we forget that children are one of the most important things on earth….until something like this happens. Then eventually, we forget again. I have many theories as to why this happens but I’m only going to say that taking care of our children as a society, starts with parenting and ends with government and there are many many important factors in between.

Here is the first piece called buy provigil malaysia.

buy provigil mexico

A curious sweet little girl chasing a beautiful butterfly in her lovely pink dress as her mother looks on, smiling at her little one.

And here is the second piece called buy provigil 200 mg.

buy provigil online mexico

She twirled around & giggled as she caught her balance. Then she looked at me with her bright eyes & her wide smile. For there were many things that I valued in life but nothing compared to this Treasure.

Both of these can be purchased as Prints in sizes 8×10, 11×14, 16×20 or larger if you like. I’d love to hear from you in the comments what you think about these 2 pieces!

And here is my “Little One”. So ADORABLE!

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