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So this is my Saturday evening. There is a blizzard outside so this setting is particularly cozy tonight. I have my Starbucks, candles, wine and my art so I’m aaaaallllll good. I could tell you all about those little canvases that I’m working on there but I decided to do a couple of videos instead. In the videos I discuss my 5×7 Originals that I do. I have about 100 of them in all for sale. I also show you lots of other cool things that I have available for purchase and I will also have them at the show that I am doing on November 28, 29, 30. Also, at the end of the first video I open the back door and show you some of the blizzard, which as it turns out, was at a more calm point…it got a lot worse later in the day. The snow doesn’t really show up very well on the video that I took either but you can hear the blowing wind. Oh one other thing! In the second one I have my glasses off & on…the reason for that is because I was filming while taking care of my daughter and I kept forgetting I had glasses on & off & I didn’t really feel like going back & shooting it all again.

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It might seem early for Christmas…and you’re right. It is. I am NOT ready for winter to come! However, my mind is starting to imagine all of these Christmas, Autumn and holiday scenes I could create so I have to get them done before I forget what I wanted to do!… and making notes doesn’t always help as much as you would think. So when this particular scene flashed in my head, I KNEW it was the next piece I needed to do.

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An elegant mother and her charming little girl are spending time together under glowing Christmas lights in their beautifully decorated house during the holiday season. The Christmas tree beside them, with its branches made with flourishes adds a touch of whimsy. This inspirational image by Canadian mixed media artist Janelle Nichol is available for licensing.

I’ve said before that I’m always excited to start a new piece but I’m also very nervous as I’m never quite sure if I’m up to the task of recreating on canvas what I am seeing in my head. Often, I end up with wonderfully different results than what was in my head but sometimes the process is pretty painful trying to figure out how to get it all out so what people can actually see & feel is the same as or similar to what was in my head. Often, in my desire to get these visions in my head down on canvas so that I MYSELF can actually see them I can freak out a little bit!

With this canvas, I wanted to convey a really peaceful, calm feeling. Actually the word “peace” is across both of their faces and the gold dots in the top left corner represent Christmas lights. The mother and daughter could be decorating or they could be just spending time together enjoying the beautiful decorations and I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS casually walking around the house in a beautiful evening gown. Nope. No I’m not. So I suppose they are maybe admiring the beautiful ornaments- and that I actually do.  I LOVE my Christmas ornaments and I love to sit around with all of my Christmas lights on (did you know that if you have enough Christmas lights in your house you never have to turn on your actual house lights??!!) listening to music and staring at my tree and how amazing it is & think about how amazing I am that I decorated it so beautifully. (“that is really self indulgent Janelle, get over yourself!”) There, I said it, so you all don’t have to.

I have also added/hidden a little bit of music here & there within the piece to represent the music that is playing in the background. Some of you may know, I like to hide elements within my piece for the viewer to discover long after purchasing the artwork. I often here from my collectors, how thrilled they are to have just discovered something new within their piece that they did not notice previously. I love that!

This piece is available in my Etsy Shop and you can always message me if you’d like to discuss various sizes and editions of any of my prints. I have open editions, limited editions, giclee canvases and many different sizes available in all of those that aren’t necessarily listed in my store so please don’t hesitate to shoot me off an email with any questions you may have. I would love to hear any of your comments so please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts on this piece or if you stare at your Christmas decorations like I do!

I have many detail shots of this piece and if you click on each thumbnail, you will see the image much clearer and larger.

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How does everybody feel about Christmas decorations? I LOVE them! I love that they make me feel cozy, I love the tradition that comes along with them & I love all the sparkle and shininess!!!

I have been known to spend a pretty penny on Christmas decorations in the past but I made myself hold back and I’m happy to say I did not buy any new decorations this year!

Yesterday I went around my house and took a bunch of pictures of my decorations with my iPhone & then threw a whole bunch of photo apps on them. Disclaimer: I get a little crazy with the photo apps.

So I want to ask all of you- what are some of your favorite things about Christmas? Is it the family gathering together? Is it the decorations? Is it your faith? Is it all of the food? Is it the shopping? Or are you like me and its all of the above?

Here are some quick general thoughts of mine about Christmas:

1. My favorite music to listen to at Christmas time is the Messiah by George Frederic Handel and Antonio Vivaldi’s Cello Concertos. Yes, I do listen to traditional Christmas carols,etc but I’m very picky about them. I mean- who needs 23 different versions of Joy To The World???!! Pick the best one and move on. These days, everybody and their dog makes a Christmas album…it gets to be a little much for me.

2. I am instantly grumpy if I walk into a department store during the Christmas shopping season. First of all- I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world but where I live? People wear their pajamas out in public. It is and always will be a huge pet peeve of mine. Like- at least put on a pair of sweats and PLEASE at the very least, don’t wear pajamas with holes all over them! It just seems like everytime I go out, it seems like its an “I’m Giving Up On Life So I Don’t Even Bother Getting Dressed Anymore, Even If I Leave The house” convention.  My favorite part about Christmas is definitely NOT the shopping.

3. However, I love buying presents for my children and find it hard to stop. It’s just so hard when you have those little kids who just love all of the magic of Christmas! Every year I find myself at the point where I am literally making up people to give presents to my kids because if they all say “from Mommy & Daddy” on them- my husband will be extremely irritated with me. So I put things like “from Dora” or “from Tinkerbell”. I have a sneaky suspicion my husband knows that Tinkerbell and Dora didn’t really give our 4 year old presents but I’m hoping that maybe this year I can put one past him.

4. But for us, the biggest thing about Christmas is our Christian faith and that Jesus came to this earth. Here is the piece “For Unto Us A Child Is Born”  from Handels Messiah, if you would like to listen.


“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given, and the government shall be upon His shoulders. And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

And of course, I have to show you all the pictures I took of my decorations!!


I’d love to hear in the comments from you about your thoughts on Christmas and everything you love (or hate) about it.