My latest! I titled it “A Winter’s Fairytale”….in case you didn’t catch on from the title of the blog post. It started out being a Christmas piece for a Santa Claus. Nope. That didn’t happen. I was doing all these things to the background, getting it all ready for Santa & what happens? It turns into this dreamy ethereal like background!!! How these things happen I’ll never know.

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A beautiful fairy with delicate wings is resting in a magical dreamlike winter setting. The image of this inspirational art by Canadian mixed media artist Janelle Nichol is available for licensing in a variety of categories.

So because I liked all the white and gray in the background & I REALLY had winter on the brain, I was determined to make this, at the very least, a winter piece, if not a Christmas piece. Let’s be clear, I could have covered all of this up & started over, but the colors and the whole mood of this piece was begging for me to keep going with this. I must have been listening to some kind of dreamy, mood music or something. So I think that it kind of looks like a winter setting but more of a dreamy magical winter setting with the pink and the red flowers etc. She is a fairy & so she has lots of flowers on her dress and I tried to get away with keeping her dress just pink and white but it did not look good people. It needed some kind of color. So yes- she has flowers and green leaves on her dress. In winter. It’s not supposed to make sense! This is a magical winter where flowers still grow and people aren’t cold. Just…..go with me.

Detail shots of A Winter’s Fairytale. A few of these turned out SO GOOD. They just look so luscious! You can purchase this piece by Contacting me. Prices are as follows:

This artwork is available as an iPhone Case, 5×7 Greeting Card and Open & Limited Edition sized Prints:

Open Edition     8×10   25.00 + 12.00 Shipping

Open Edition    11×14  40.00 + 12.00 Shipping

Limited Edition 16×20   60.00 + 12.00 Shipping

Limited Edition Giclee Canvas:

11×14       150.00 + 20.00 Shipping

16×20       200.00 + 25.00 Shipping

Contact Janelle for purchasing information. Visa, Mastercard, Paypal & EMT accepted.

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It’s Monday so that means I am releasing a new piece! My goal is to have something new to show you every Monday until the end of November. Even if it’s just a few sketches to show you. So it should be interesting to see how that goes! Christmas time is my busiest time of the year and I’m trying to spread out the work so I don’t have to kill myself come October. That never works very well for me.

This mixed media inspirational piece is titled “The Spring Fairy”. It’s kind of a version of my “Little Birdie” piece but with a fairy. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a couple of quick progress videos I did on there with the wings. Let me tell you- those wings were the death of me!! I’m finally happy with them though…so I guess it was all worth it. Remember, for my facebook fans, if you “Like” & “Comment” on this piece, you may win an 8×10 Fine Art Print!

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The Spring Fairy- With delicate iridescent wings, this whimsical fairy has arrived to welcome all of the Spring flowers with all of their freshness and energy. Inspirational artwork by Canadian Mixed Media artist Janelle Nichol

Click on the links to see where you can purchase.

Original    Fine Art Prints   LE Giclee Canvas

 Here are some detail shots of this piece. Click on the thumbnail to see larger, clearer photos.

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A pretty fairy surrounded by sparkling fairy dust and morning mist, spending time by a magical whimsical tree filled with sequins. Watercolor and acrylic collage artwork by mixed media inspirational folk artist Janelle Nichol

Happy Monday!

Today I would like to share one of my new pieces with you! I have another one that I will be showing later this week titled “Reflection.” But first I want to tell you about “Glow”.

A Few Details About “Glow”

-I used a lot of watercolor paints on this one, along with some acrylics.

-I put some sequins on the trees to make them more whimsical and more Fairy-like

-I put a lot of “fairy dust” on this piece using various materials including glitter, fabric and watercolor paints.

-After I finished painting the hair for this fairy, I realized she looks a lot like my daughter Avery.

-The script on the paper that I made her body out of is all about flowers. I got the idea in my head that it had to be about flowers and I could not rest until I found the right paper!

-This piece was inspired by late afternoon sunstreams (pretty sure I just made up that word) through the trees, combined with the mist from Niagara Falls. My husband and I, along with my sister and her husband visited Niagara Falls this past Summer. So beautiful!

Glow is available:

-as a print in sizes 11×14, 16×20 which can be purchased by clicking Here.

-and as a limited edition canvas print which can be purchased by clicking Here. There will only be 200 reproduced of this piece.  Your canvas print will come numbered #1-200.

-The 16×12 Original is available for purchase for 485.00 CAD, and comes on a ready to hang canvas. There is no need for a frame. It can be purchased Here.

Here are some detail shots of this piece. Click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged image.