Hi all! I have a few new pieces to show you in the next week or so, along with some videos as well. This one is called “A Charmed Life”. I have some detail shots as well as a video of me using my watercolor paints to create the lovely vintage style dress she is wearing. Please make sure to go to the bottom of this post to see all of that! Now,  “A Charmed Life“… Somehow that phrase came into my head while looking at this piece, so I decided to with it. First I decided to check & make sure that the meaning of the phrase actually made sense for this piece. Here is the meaning I found online

A Charmed Life: to always be lucky and safe from danger. 

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A Charmed Life- this is the first piece in the Garden Party Series. This charming lady is on her way to tea during this lovely afternoon. This watercolor mixed media painting by inspirational Canadian artist Janelle Nichol is available for licensing.

I think that totally suits this pretty lady. Doesn’t she look like everything is always perfect for her? Her world, her clothes, her hair? Yes, she certainly does lead a Charmed Life. As for the actual reality I had creating this piece….not such a charmed experience. I actually redid this lady 3 times. I had her all painted and everything on the canvas and had to start over twice. I really wanted her to be blonde, but it was just SO MUCH yellow. But a brunette didn’t look right as I wanted to keep the mood of this piece really light & when I painted brown hair on her, it was like “WOW-YIKES!!!” That is to say it really stood out & not in a good way. So I found a way to give her blonde hair with brown paint. So even though I used brown tones, you still get the feeling she is a blonde, maybe a little bit of a red-head. Her dress on the other hand, wad very easy & very fun to paint with my watercolors. Thank goodness for that!!

One other thing…this is just the first piece in my Garden Party Series. I have many more totally completed pieces for this series…unfortunately, they are all still in my head & I don’t have the time to get them all on canvas right now. But I CAN tell you they all look like sweet luscious candy!  I’m hoping to get one more done before Christmas, but the other ones are going to have to wait until next year. I’m also incorporating “Accessory pieces” into this series. Those will include more of a cleaner look that will just be purses and shoes & dresses without a person on them.

This is available to purchase in my Etsy Shop as a small/medium Print, Limited Edition large Print or Giclee Canvas

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Well it’s Monday so that means it is time to post a new piece! It’s been 2 weeks since my plan of posting a new piece every Monday…so far so good. Ok- yes I realize it hasn’t been that long & the true test is yet to come but you can let me have this alright.

School starts for my kids this week with my youngest child starting kindergarten. AHHHH!! That’s kind of crazy. I have had lots of people ask me how I’m doing with that & I thought I must be a bad mom or something because it wasn’t affecting me at all & I’m really happr for her. She is SO READY to go to school! She is bored out of her mind & needs the excitement that going to school will bring. But a few days ago, I started thinking that maybe I shouldn’t send her to school…maybe I should just keep her at home with me forever. I mean, I really am the only one that can keep her safe right? She’s so young & small, I would be out of my mind to send her somewhere for 2 full days a week!!! So as I was contemplating all of this, I realized “hmmm…maybe I’m a good mom after all.” Because we all know, the test of a good mom is whether or not they are ready to send their youngest/last child to kindergarten. So it’s confirmed then! Ok, let’s just say that I will get emotional on Tuesday when she just rides into the wild blue yonder that is kindergarten, with nary a look back at her mother who has been with her CONSTANTLY for the last 5 years. She’s also our last child so it makes me even more reflective/depressing.

Onto my new piece! So since my image of the lady with the pink hair in “Just Smile” is so popular, I decided to do a “close-up” version of her. As with the other one, she styles herself a tad over the top and loves to push boundaries…what with her bright pink hair & all!! She is fancy but very cool. So basically when she walks into a room she has this attitude like “yup, here I am… & I am pretty awesome” instead of “yes dahling. I am a Queen, please be sure to let everyone know I have arrived.”

Click on the links to find out more about purchasing this piece

Original     Limited Edition 16×20     Open Edition 11×14    Limited Edition Giclee Canvas

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Flight of Fancy. This unique and elegant lady with pink hair loves to make every head turn when she walks into a room. This abstract mixed media image is part of Janelle Nichol’s Fashion Series and is available for licensing.


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As many of you know, I went to Las Vegas back in June to attend the Licensing Expo with my agency. While I was there, they kind of threw out the idea that maybe I could try a landscape piece. So that is what I did! It took me about a month to finish it & it was quite frustrating at times but also very enjoyable….as most of my pieces are while I’m working on them. You can view the video I filmed while I was in Las Vegas Here.

(Note: I am now putting a larger, transparent watermark of my logo on my pieces which you can see here. It is NOT on any prints, canvases or the original)

Before I show that to you, I just want to mention that I will now be releasing all of my new pieces on Mondays. It just helps me to keep everything straight if I do it on the same day every time. So that means if there is a new piece I am working on, you can now be watching it for it on Mondays rather than wondering if you have missed it. Also, if you haven’t been to my Facebook Page, I encourage you to head on over there & “Like” it as I will now be having a special Giveaway for my FB fans everytime I release a new piece!

If you are interested in purchasing, click on the links

Original     Open Edition 11×14 Prints     Closed Edition 16×20 Prints     Giclee Canvas

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3 ladies visiting Las Vegas, enjoying the sunny warm weather, the bright lights and the energizing music. A whimsical artwork inspired by Las Vegas by inspirational mixed media artist Janelle Nichol. This image is available for licensing.

A few things about this piece:

– I tried to do what maybe a typical art piece of Las Vegas would be like….that didn’t work. So I embraced my own style & just went with it. It’s amazing that after all this time, I am still tempted to think that my own style won’t be good enough.

– I wanted it to be pretty but not TOO pretty & I wanted there to be some contrast in the piece. Both with colors & with the mood. I struggled for quite some time on that.

– While I want it to be obvious that it is Las Vegas, I also didn’t want to do anything that would be “expected.” So yes- I made the Eiffel tower blue & pretty, I put bright colors on The Luxor & I made the hot air balloon pink…what of it? Oh ya- the skyline of New York has some issues with bright colors as well. What can I say? That’s how I roll. (is that saying still in? Or am I totally out-of-date?)

-There is something specific in this piece that I am wondering if people will notice…so if you think you know what it is, by all means, let me know in the comments!! (I’m SO MYSTERIOUS!)

Here’s some detail shots. Click on the thumbnails to see clearer, larger images.






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Wednesdays Featured Artwork





Tuesdays Featured Artwork


Thank-you to everyone who took part in Monday’s promotions and purchased my artwork! I hope that everyone gets a chance to pick out their favorite piece and purchase some lovely artwork for their home! Before I do a post of featured artworks for Wednesday (Click this link to view that) I want to answer a few questions people have been asking.

1. Are you doing any Spring shows?    

  Yes. I AM going to be doing a show in Calgary, Alberta, May 10-12 & hope to see many of you there. But I wanted to have an online event for many of you that aren’t able to make it to my shows. That is the event that is currently running this week. Here is my Calender of events so far this year.

2. Why would I want to buy an unframed Print as opposed to the Original or a Stretched Canvas?                                                                                                               

An unframed print is a great alternative for many reasons!

-QUALITY.  My Art prints are printed on high quality paper that yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. It has a lightfast permanence rating of 76 years under glass 110 years under UV filter.

-AFFORDABLE. My art prints are a great option because it is an artwork purchase that you can make without having to save up lots of money for and did you know that you can order a print up to size 24×30?

-You can pick out a frame yourself and make it even more personal to you.

-GIFTS. My art prints are a unique & thoughtful gift. Because of how I create my art, the viewer can make it very personal for themselves or a friend or family member.

3. Why purchase a Stretched Canvas Print?

These canvases are BEAUTIFUL. They are a nice 1.5″ deep, museum quality prints. They are stretched on  wooden frame stretcher bars and arrive to you “ready to hang” with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails. They are also packaged and shipped very well.

If you are not able to purchase an original, this is really the next best thing and you are able to choose from a few different sizes.

You can choose your own wrap option. This means you are able to pick black or white for the sides. You can also choose continuous image so that the image is wrapped around the sides. My favorite is black.

4. Why Purchase an Original & what is the difference between an Original & a Print?

-an Original is simply the artwork that I created the image with. I create a piece onto a canvas & then sell that as the Original. I then take the image of the original & reproduce/copy many images(Prints) from that first one that I made.

–  I do NOT make the originals over and over again as that would be literally impossible and it takes many hours to make each one. That is why my Originals are more expensive then any of my art prints.

– When I meet & talk with people at shows, I hear many times that they want the Original. Why? Because the Original has texture. The average size of my Originals is about 11×14, but there are other sizes of Originals available. So, even though the Prints or Giclee Canvases can be produced much larger, many people still prefer the Originals. Simply because they are THE ORIGINAL, but also because of the texture that you don’t get with the Prints or Giclee Canvases.

So I hope that clears it up for some of you. Please feel free to comment below if you have any more questions! I will leave you with my latest completed piece titled, “Anticipation”, available as an Original, unframed Print, Stretched Canvas. It is also one of the featured artworks for Tuesday!

woman, beautiful, inspirational, abstract, watercolor, painting, unique, dreamy, Janelle Nichol, mixed media, folk art, Licensing, christian licensing, greeting cards, puzzles, Canadian

A beautiful charming young lady waits in a dreamy romantic setting.

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Mondays Featured Artwork


Hi all! I would like to announce the Online Art Event I am having. It starts April 22 & will continue until Saturday,April 27th.

I will be featuring various pieces  & will be posting links to those everyday on my blog here. Here are the pieces being featured today. No need to remember a discount code, just click on the links and purchase your items today for these special promotion prices! Remember the prices of all of these items listed here are only valid for today so if one of these is a piece you have been waiting to purchase, now is the time!






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A pretty fairy surrounded by sparkling fairy dust and morning mist, spending time by a magical whimsical tree filled with sequins. Watercolor and acrylic collage artwork by mixed media inspirational folk artist Janelle Nichol

Happy Monday!

Today I would like to share one of my new pieces with you! I have another one that I will be showing later this week titled “Reflection.” But first I want to tell you about “Glow”.

A Few Details About “Glow”

-I used a lot of watercolor paints on this one, along with some acrylics.

-I put some sequins on the trees to make them more whimsical and more Fairy-like

-I put a lot of “fairy dust” on this piece using various materials including glitter, fabric and watercolor paints.

-After I finished painting the hair for this fairy, I realized she looks a lot like my daughter Avery.

-The script on the paper that I made her body out of is all about flowers. I got the idea in my head that it had to be about flowers and I could not rest until I found the right paper!

-This piece was inspired by late afternoon sunstreams (pretty sure I just made up that word) through the trees, combined with the mist from Niagara Falls. My husband and I, along with my sister and her husband visited Niagara Falls this past Summer. So beautiful!

Glow is available:

-as a print in sizes 11×14, 16×20 which can be purchased by clicking Here.

-and as a limited edition canvas print which can be purchased by clicking Here. There will only be 200 reproduced of this piece.  Your canvas print will come numbered #1-200.

-The 16×12 Original is available for purchase for 485.00 CAD, and comes on a ready to hang canvas. There is no need for a frame. It can be purchased Here.

Here are some detail shots of this piece. Click on each thumbnail to see an enlarged image.


Head Hair

Mixed Media detail shot of hair for inspirational artwork Come Back Home To You by Canadian folk artist Janelle Nichol

“He said goodbye and promised he would be back, that he would come back home to her. As this elegant, graceful woman gazes over the beautiful valley, she will be able to watch her loved one go for quite some time yet before he is out of her view. The romance they share will inspire and carry her while she waits for his return. ” Artwork by Janelle Nichol. Links & info on how to purchase this piece are at the bottom of this post.

Just wanted to do a piece about my newest artwork. It’s titled “Come Back Home To You.” I will spare you all the messy details but this one was painful. I came very close to tearing it up and starting over a few times but I pulled through so I hope you all love it 🙂 There’s also a video of this piece if you scroll down.

There are quite a few things involved with each of my canvas artworks. 1st I start with the sketch which may or may not be done ahead of time. Then I do the background and this usually sets the whole mood of the piece, which I’m often not aware of until this stage is complete. In this particular piece, I did have a vision and it turned out quite similar to what I had in my head (this doesn’t often happen…usually I decide to go in a different direction). After the background is completed, I put the lady together, which means I decide what she’s wearing, what colors will go with the mood I’m trying to convey,etc. Once she is on the canvas, I paint her hair & do more things with her clothes to bring her “into” the piece. Then I fool around with the background some more and at some point I decide to be done. Rather, I just decide that I need to stop. Usually when I get to a boring song on my iPod or something. Also, one last thing: the bare feet have “Flora Anne” on them, which are the middle names of my 4 year old daughter Piper. I have other pieces where I have included the name “Flora” hidden amongst them as well.

folk art,painting,artist,licensing,woman,beautiful,inspirational,greeting cards,botanical,puzzles,christian,symbolic,heirloom,dreamy,calming,unique,folk art, wall art,artwork,nature,Janelle Nichol

He said goodbye and promised he would be back, that he would come back home to her. As this elegant, graceful woman gazes over the beautiful valley, she will be able to watch her loved one for quite some time yet before he is out of her view. The romance they share will inspire and carry her while she waits for his return.

One would think that at this point I am now done and can start another piece. One would be wrong. Now I have to get the image all ready to go to my agency, and into my gallery, my Etsy Shop, and Fine Art America where they are available to purchase as prints & as a Giclee Stretched Canvas Print. With this one, I also did a Video (see below) on Youtube. That took me all afternoon! I do all of this in the hopes that you will all enjoy the piece and to give you a better understanding of myself and my artwork! 

I do hope you love this newest piece and I would love to hear your comments and if you would be so kind, you can also like/share/pin/tweet it 🙂 Here is a gallery of some of the detail shots. Click on each one to see an enlarged image.

The Original has been SOLD.

High Quality Prints and Giclee Canvases can be purchased by Clicking here
and contacting me.

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Happy Monday! Well I don’t know about all of you, but I am SO ready for Spring! Like…ready as in I’m going to cry if I have to look at snow any longer. We just had a crazy amount of it here in Alberta, in the last week and a half.

mixed media,folk art,inspirational,licensing,beautiful,unique,abstract,dreamy,calming,Janelle Nichol,licensed,symbolic,art print,wall art

Inspirational Mixed Media Folk art by Janelle Nichol

So to get my mind off of all of that, I have been doing some Summer and Spring pieces. One piece I am currently working on is this one. I believe the title will be “Come Back to You”. Here you see my sketch of this lovely lady in the top right and in the top left corner is the canvas background that I will be putting her on…hopefully tonight 🙂 There’s lots of cool, interesting things that inspired this piece & I will be talking about them all in a video I will be doing, hopefully within the next few weeks.

Here is my recently finished piece titled “A Still Morning”. The original and the prints are available for purchase in my Etsy Shop. Keep in mind, that if you live in Canada & you don’t want to use Paypal in my Etsy shop, just click on Other when you check out and I can still process your payment by credit card or debit (EMT). If you are local, I can provide you with a Free Shipping coupon code and you can come on by & pick it up! I would love to hear what you think of these pieces, so please let me know in the Comments below!

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A Still Morning- A beautiful woman resting in a quiet meadow on a still morning as the sun is starting to warm the air. Inspirational Folk art by mixed media artist Janelle Nichol