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So this is my Saturday evening. There is a blizzard outside so this setting is particularly cozy tonight. I have my Starbucks, candles, wine and my art so I’m aaaaallllll good. I could tell you all about those little canvases that I’m working on there but I decided to do a couple of videos instead. In the videos I discuss my 5×7 Originals that I do. I have about 100 of them in all for sale. I also show you lots of other cool things that I have available for purchase and I will also have them at the show that I am doing on November 28, 29, 30. Also, at the end of the first video I open the back door and show you some of the blizzard, which as it turns out, was at a more calm point…it got a lot worse later in the day. The snow doesn’t really show up very well on the video that I took either but you can hear the blowing wind. Oh one other thing! In the second one I have my glasses off & on…the reason for that is because I was filming while taking care of my daughter and I kept forgetting I had glasses on & off & I didn’t really feel like going back & shooting it all again.

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It has been a long time since I last posted. Sorry about that. I have SUPER busy trying to get more pieces done. I’ve also been working quite a bit on more Limited Edition 5×7 Canvas Originals, which are SO CUTE! Those also come with a Certificate of Authenticity and make fantastic gifts for people! I will be doing another post on those in the next few weeks too.

But for now, here are all of my iPhone 4 and 5 Cases. Finally! It took me so long to get these all up and ready to sell. Right now they are 20% off until Saturday, October 5th. I am going to be getting iPad covers too which can take quite some time, but in the meantime, if you DO want to order an iPad case, just Contact me & let me know which image you like and which iPad cover you need and I can still get that for you.

These are all just screen grabs so the photos may not be as clear. The image that is printed on your actual iPhone Case is very clear. If you hover over the images, you will see the title of each one. You can also click on them to see a larger image. You can purchase these Here

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Hi all! I would like to announce the Online Art Event I am having. It starts April 22 & will continue until Saturday,April 27th.

I will be featuring various pieces  & will be posting links to those everyday on my blog here. Here are the pieces being featured today. No need to remember a discount code, just click on the links and purchase your items today for these special promotion prices! Remember the prices of all of these items listed here are only valid for today so if one of these is a piece you have been waiting to purchase, now is the time!






Hi everybody! Just to quickly let you know- I now have iPhone 5 Covers in my Etsy shop with my Inspirational Artwork on them. All of these are available with a white or a black border, so if you have a preference please let me know.

 If you are wanting to pay by credit card but Etsy isn’t giving you the option, please click on other and we can still do a credit card transaction. Otherwise, you can go ahead and use Paypal.

If you do not want to open an account with Etsy, I am still able to sell them to you. Just click on Contact.

Here’s what they look like!