Online Courses by Janelle Nichol

Online Courses by Janelle Nichol

Well after hours and hours and hours worth of work, I am finally ready to announce that I am now offering in-depth online courses of my mixed media pieces. Eventually I will do courses on all styles of my artwork but I thought I’d start with my mixed media pieces.

So many of you have been asking over the years for this and I’m so excited to finally get this done! Partly because it was more work than I ever imagined it would be.\

One would think, as I did, “what’s the big deal? You film yourself as you paint”  WELL, let me tell you that could not be further from the truth. I went about 17 times to buy and then return lights, cameras, mics and all sorts of weird things I didn’t even know existed. I designed some sort of multi-angle stand to hang my camera from and various light stands before I started anything. At one point, I was pretty sure a selfie stick would solve all my problems (it didn’t). I spent about a week researching how to do all of this on a REALLY low budget. When I started filming, it was great but a new experience as I had to constantly keep my eye on my monitor to see what the shot looked like, instead of on my actual art. Then comes the editing. Actually….I can’t even talk about the editing. I’m still traumatized from it and I learned some things about myself. I say A LOT of unnecessary things and I say UMMM a lot. All in all, I’m pretty annoying and I don’t like the sound of my voice. But I did have lots of fun doing it and I’m not complaining. So I am really hoping that these courses that I have done will be really popular and I am looking forward to doing many more.

The Courses

You will now be seeing an “Online Courses” tab in the main menu on my website. I will be uploading all of the links and intro videos to that page. There will also be an email notification sign up option. For those of you who sign up, I will be sending out promo codes and congests for my courses from time to time.

Currently, there are 3 premium courses available. I will explain registration below. You will be able to view them at any time and as many times as you like for as long as I keep them online. I have designed them so that you don’t have to already be an “artist” or have tons of art supplies on hand or spend lots of money for the materials. Mixed media is so interesting because it uses a lot of fun techniques which can sometimes mean a lot of materials so I give many affordable options for everyone and provide links as well.


My YouTube channel will also be a lot more active now as I plan to upload videos and intros to courses quite regularly on there. Each of my 3 premium courses (Fashionista, Little Birdie, Glow) will have a “trailer” on YouTube. The trailers are just music and no talking but you will see clips of the course. The “intro videos” are me explaining the course  more thoroughly. These all run between 1-2 minutes so are quick & easy to view. I also want to encourage every one to check out my gallery and let me know what courses you would like to see me offer a class for.

Right now, I am offering these courses for $25 each. Why $25? Because I wanted to make sure that I still earn enough money, after paying for the sites to host my classes and materials, time etc. I also wanted to make it affordable for anyone to sign up. I’ve researched a lot of similar type classes and have found that they are charging over $200 for some of the courses. I feel $25 is more than fair, given that you will receive a minimum of 2 1/2 hours worth of instruction in every premium class. So please feel free to ask me any questions you may have (tweet, instagram, FB, email me) and I can give you more info if you like 🙂


I have all of my courses, on two different Online Class sites. The first one is 

  • $25 CAD per course
  • Unlimited views at any time for as long as I keep the course online
  • No monthly sign up, no commitments
  • You can post and upload photos of progress and ask for advice throughout the course
  • Includes links, and downloads of sketches of the figures
  • This option appears more expensive but actually is not as it is only a one-time fee

Click here to register for Little Birdie on CourseCraft

Click here to register for Fashionista on CourseCraft

Click here to register for Glow on CourseCraft

  • $9.95 USD monthly signup fee
  • Unlimited views at any time for as many months as you pay the 9.95 fee
  • Access to many more courses when you sign up (not just mine)
  • You can post and upload photos of progress and ask for advice throughout the course
  • Includes links and downloads of sketches of the figures
  • This option appears cheaper but requires a monthly fee of 9.95 USD to have access for more than a month.

Click here to register for the Little Birdie course on SkillShare.

Click here to register for Fashionista on Skillshare

Click here to register for Glow on SkillShare

Introduction Videos