It’s me! Remember me- Janelle Nichol. I have been gone a LOOOOOOOOONG time. But I’m back & better than ever. OK- maybe not BETTER than ever. Maybe just the same as before, except more often. Enough with the jibber jabber, let’s get on with it.

So first off, I just want to say that my blog is now going to be an extension of my YouTube channel & my blog posts will be connected with my various YouTube videos. Right now, my blog has kind of a boring look to it so I will be working on that a little bit. Just to get it more exciting & interesting, not so much “here’s a couple of paragraphs for you to read” type blog. We need pictures people!!

Now, onto this specific post. I was working with my wonderful inks from Jane Davenport & making markers out of them….as one does. BTW- I do have a video on how to make markers HERE. As I was making the markers, I thought, “it sure would be nice to have some different colors & whatnot to go with these”. Then my second thought was, “ugh, that’s too much work and too much wasted ink”. THEN my 3rd & final thought was “but THE COLORS!!!” So here we are….125 more colors later! YAY!!!

A couple of helpful notes for those of you who want to start mixing up your own inks.

  • Are these inks like watercolors? Yes & no. They will move a little bit if you get to them quickly, but once they begin to dry they are completely permanent. They are a dye-based ink but like I said, if you get to them quickly, they can behave like watercolor. See my video here on how I used a watercolor painting technique with these inks.
  • In the specific colors I’ve mixed here, I have pretty much only used recipes with 2 colors. There is a few earthy green shades where I used 2 colors from the inks & then a mix of another color. So 4 different inks in all. It sounds complicated but I’ve made it pretty easy to figure out in the recipes below.

  • What to DO with the inks once you’ve mixed them into ALLLLLL the fantastic colors? Well, you could just wash them away but that is SO MUCH wasted loveliness!! Instead, have some art journals, watercolor paper, mixed media paper, or whatever else you might want to color & do some wonderful washes with these test inks! I got well over 40 different ink washes/beginnings of paintings now!!! Anytime, I’m lacking in inspiration I can just  go to one of these & fool around with them. It is a seriously a great way to start any painting or just something fun to inspire you! I added salt to some of the washes as a way to put some texture into them and I put saran wrap on a few of them as well. Check out my photos below! Try it for yourself,  you will not be disappointed! After I used up the test ink in the wells, I wiped out those wells with baby wipes. Did I throw those baby wipes away? No- you KNOW I didn’t. I will use them to make flowers. (more on that later)  Here are just a few of the awesome washes I made with the leftover ink from all the recipes I created.


  • So once you have all of these lovely shades of inks, what do you DO with them? Well, I would suggest making a larger batch of your absolutely favorite colors & putting them into squeeze bottles, dropper bottles, markers (from Crayola marker maker), water brushes/mermaid markers. Other than that, you can just mix up a small recipe that will be just enough for a specific project.

Now to just explain a little bit about the recipes themselves. As I said, I used only 2 colors at a time. There is so many more color mixes I could have done! I didn’t even combine each ink. Some weren’t combined at all with each other. For example, I combined Frida with Fairy Floss, Lemon Sherbet & Hydrangea but I didn’t combine it with Fresh Air, Limeade, Hot Cocoa etc etc…..you get the picture. So there is still so many more combinations that you can all work with if you decide to add to this collection of colors.

The first page of swatches shows a recipe of 4 Lemon Sherbet + 1 Frida and there is a double asterisk (**) beside that recipe. That is because I used this combination in a recipe on page 4 for some earthy greens that I just wasn’t getting otherwise. I use a lot of green in my paintings so I really wanted something that wasn’t just another shade of lime green , turquoise green or a dark brown green. In order to make those you would just need to make up some of the first recipe & then use however many drops specified in the recipes on page 4. To indicate which recipes those are, I just put “4 Fresh Air + 1**” & so on. If it says 1** or 2**, that just means to use that number of drops of the recipe. Hopefully I haven’t confused you. I also explain this in the YouTube video as well, so definitely check that out for more clarification.

I have tried to make the shades shown here as accurate as possible to the actual shades made by the inks. The PDF files were a little darker & I found that when I took the photo with my phone, the colors were much more accurate, even though the white of the paper is darker. The PDF files are at the bottom of this page & as always, colors will differ with various computers, printers, etc. To print these images or the PDF’s, just right click on your mouse to “save image”, & then print them out.

Printable PDFs

Inkredible Ink Color Recipes page 1

Inkredible Ink Color Recipes page 2

Inkredible Ink Color Recipes page 3

Inkredible Ink Color Recipes page 4

Inkredible Ink Color Recipes page 5

Please let me know in the comments below how your inks turned out!!