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Introducing Janelle the “The WC Collection” by Janelle Nichol.

I’ve been working on some new stuff for awhile and I’m very excited to FINALLY announce The WC Collection! It is a collection of 15 Watercolor images which focuses on cleaner backgrounds and a flair for Fashion Illustrations. I have been showing these at all of my Spring shows and I was very happy to see people receiving them so well! Now, I am officially announcing the release of this collection online.

Enter a contest to win an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR by clicking on the image to the right.

I’ve had many people say to me over the last couple of years that they think my sketches are great and would love to just purchase those so I thought it was high time I did something about that. These are also for the people that love some color but still want a nice clean background. Also, HELLO? FACES!!!  I did NOT like the combination of a sparse background without faces, so I did what I had to do. Did I not say I have been busy with new stuff???! Whereas, the mixed media pieces work well without faces as there is so much else going on in the piece…many times it doesn’t even register with people that there isn’t a face as your mind will fill the face in for you….I felt these watercolors needed a face to add to the Fashion Flair if you will 🙂

I’ve worked with watercolor paints previously but it was always in a “mixed media” way where I used it in a hither and thither/ oh let’s see what happens/ abstract kind of way. This collection uses watercolors in a more thought-out way but I still loved the free-flowing, not totally controlled effect you get with them. Though I will admit, at times, it can be hard to just let it happen when I am trying to paint an outfit or do some shading on the skin.

Listen people- I do my art in 2 ways. Either it’s very thought-out & organized or it is a complete free-for-all where it’s just disaster…add something….disaster…add more….still disaster….let’s try this….oh. my. word. THAT’S AMAZING. How did that happen? Just for a fun game- and because I’m sure you have nothing better to do- why not go through my pieces and see if you can guess which is which? Because nothing says fun like an evening of picking apart Janelle’s artwork.

Now because I have such an extensive mixed media background and want all of my work to be a reflection of me, and because I love glitter and sparkles (like an 8 year old girl high on rainbows & unicorns) I added some rhinestones, sequins and glitter! Just a little touch in places I thought could be enhanced. You can enjoy the video and detail shots of those at the bottom of this post.

The prints are very affordable at 18$ and 21$. These are 8×10’s and 11×14’s & will fit in a standard frame that you can buy anywhere. They look absolutely stunning in a black frame with a black matte. These high quality prints have a slight sheen on them that pairs well with watercolor images AND because of how and where they are produced, the shipping cost is only around $2.50! Here’s the best part- they will be 20% off until May 31st. (automatically discounted at checkout) So take advantage people! These watercolor images also look great on the iPhone Cases and 5×7 Greeting Cards so take a peek at those too while you’re at it.

Another small HUGE announcement is that I have closed my Etsy Shop & have opened an online store! Now you can shop, add things to your cart, pay with Credit Card or Paypal directly from my store, knowing that your information is verified and secure with SSL Encryption. All purchases will now be made through there. I invite you to visit my store HEREDon’t forget to enter the contest to win a ORIGINAL Watercolor. You can do that by clicking the image above.



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Sweet mother, it has been so long since I last posted! I’ve been pretty busy…. Busy doing nothing to be more precise. To make it easier, I will just do this blogpost in point form.

What I have been doing:

– On December 21st, we finished our basement that we were forced to do renovations on because we had a little mini flood back in June. YES- it took that long & it is a long road to nowheresville to explain why.

– On the 22nd of December, we took our daughter in to get stitches..she fell on the ice & put a huge hole in her knee. To be fair, she is our clumsiest child. She makes up for it by being an intellectual…oh the joys of having an 11 year old that is very literal & logical and corrects every sarcastic comment I make. I would tell her to stop but I think she’s a lot smarter than me & I wouldn’t know where to begin.

– On the 23rd, I got food poisoning. This was much fun.

– Also on the 23rd, our furnace quit. Now that might not seem like a big deal but let me tell you, when the temperatures are -30 degrees (-22 fahrenheit)  THAT’S A HUGE DEAL!!!! Unfortunately, I was delirious with nausea at the time & could not muster up the energy to wake my husband up in the middle of the night to tell him the furnace quit. Between the freezing and the wretching, my body couldn’t figure out what to concentrate on. I would rather swim in hot lava than go through these 2 things simultaneously again.

– By Christmas day however, things were pretty much back to normal & I began my marathon of 3 seasons worth of Downton Abbey. I don’t really watch TV during the year & so I figured I should try to get in as much as I can over the holidays. Now I’ve got this continuous narrative of British Aristocrat in my head. I actually demanded that all of my servants call me “Your Ladyship” which was working quite well until I discovered I didn’t have any servants.

– In December, I also turned 40. This deserves a list all of it’s own. So here it is.

My thoughts about turning 40

Janelle Nichol, artist, Canada, art for licensing, Alberta, mixed media, folk art, inspirational, Christian art, Christian artist, collage art

– it helps that most people tell me I look about 33. Whether they are telling the truth or not remains to be seen.

–  I feel as though I basically took a leave of absence from my life between the ages of 26-38. Now I’m picking up where I left off and getting myself back. So in my mind, I am back to being who Janelle was becoming at 26, but I missed 12 years somewhere along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it. I wanted children & I actually went through a lot to get children, including 2 miscarriages and a whole lot of awesome post-partum depression. But did I lose some of myself along the way?  Maybe I will discover that I have actually gained more than I lost. Then I can pick up where I left off with even more than I would have had I just kept going without interruption. Oh dear, those are some wordy sentences…good luck trying to make sense of it.

– So yes, I am honestly having a little trouble with it & feel like I am maybe going through a mid-life crisis a little bit. I’m very happy to be a “more mature woman” but it seems like everybody is looking at me like my best years are behind me.  Then again, maybe I should just get over myself & realize that no one is looking at me or thinking anything at all! Ok that’s probably more than enough honesty for one day.

My Plans for 2014

– More shows. I have already booked some (I will announce those later) and I hope to schedule in a few more.

–  I also have some new sketches I will be using such as, little girls in tutus, figure skates, hockey skates. I also want to do some more wedding themed pieces.

– Trying/experimenting with some new ideas for my art. Working with more mediums and techniques. So be watching for some pieces that are quite different from what you’ve seen in the past, as well as many new pieces that are in the same abstract folk art style you are used to seeing from me.

– More art videos. I’m working on a new one now for January.

– Of course I’m excited to see some licensing deals this year as well.

& now, just for kicks. I will show you the INSANE amount of snow we have received over the last month. Just a few statistics for you: within 2 weeks, we received all of the average snowfall we normally get over an entire winter. We now have more snow than the last 3 Decembers combined.

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Hi all! I have a few new pieces to show you in the next week or so, along with some videos as well. This one is called “A Charmed Life”. I have some detail shots as well as a video of me using my watercolor paints to create the lovely vintage style dress she is wearing. Please make sure to go to the bottom of this post to see all of that! Now,  “A Charmed Life“… Somehow that phrase came into my head while looking at this piece, so I decided to with it. First I decided to check & make sure that the meaning of the phrase actually made sense for this piece. Here is the meaning I found online

A Charmed Life: to always be lucky and safe from danger. 

inspirational, Janelle Nichol. retro style, vintage style, art for licensing, greeting card images for licensing, artist, floral, foliage, pink, abstract, unique, pretty, beautiful, whimsical, charming, lady

A Charmed Life- this is the first piece in the Garden Party Series. This charming lady is on her way to tea during this lovely afternoon. This watercolor mixed media painting by inspirational Canadian artist Janelle Nichol is available for licensing.

I think that totally suits this pretty lady. Doesn’t she look like everything is always perfect for her? Her world, her clothes, her hair? Yes, she certainly does lead a Charmed Life. As for the actual reality I had creating this piece….not such a charmed experience. I actually redid this lady 3 times. I had her all painted and everything on the canvas and had to start over twice. I really wanted her to be blonde, but it was just SO MUCH yellow. But a brunette didn’t look right as I wanted to keep the mood of this piece really light & when I painted brown hair on her, it was like “WOW-YIKES!!!” That is to say it really stood out & not in a good way. So I found a way to give her blonde hair with brown paint. So even though I used brown tones, you still get the feeling she is a blonde, maybe a little bit of a red-head. Her dress on the other hand, wad very easy & very fun to paint with my watercolors. Thank goodness for that!!

One other thing…this is just the first piece in my Garden Party Series. I have many more totally completed pieces for this series…unfortunately, they are all still in my head & I don’t have the time to get them all on canvas right now. But I CAN tell you they all look like sweet luscious candy!  I’m hoping to get one more done before Christmas, but the other ones are going to have to wait until next year. I’m also incorporating “Accessory pieces” into this series. Those will include more of a cleaner look that will just be purses and shoes & dresses without a person on them.

This is available to purchase in my Etsy Shop as a small/medium Print, Limited Edition large Print or Giclee Canvas

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Thanksgiving mixed media artwork by inspirational artist Janelle Nichol. Scripture 1 Thessalonians.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians out there! I’ve had Fall on the brain for sometime now so I am doing a few pieces with the Autumn/Fall theme. I’m actually working on 3 pieces simultaneously. I hardly ever do that…it’s usually just one at a time, but right now I have too many ideas in my head at once so I thought I’d try working on them all at the same time. I’m hoping the pieces will end up looking similar but hopefully different enough.

So here in Alberta, Canada…especially up here in Grande Prairie, which is in Northern Alberta, we don’t really get a lot of different colors in the Fall. It’s mostly just brown & bright yellow. That’s if you’re lucky. Usually, it’s so windy that the leaves don’t even stay on the trees very long so it’s just….sticks. Nice right? BUT sometimes we can get lots of bright yellow leaves against a darkening/foreboding deep blue sky with the sun shining & the contrast is really beautiful. That’s if the snow doesn’t come.  I’ve always wondered why people would say Fall was their favorite time of year. To me, it just means Summer is over & Winter is coming & could LITERALLY be here any second. We don’t really get transitional seasons here, whereas in more Southern areas you still can have lovely warm fall days with just a little bit of crispness in the air. Up here, all we get is COLD. It’s not crisp. It’s cold. Of course, there are some people who would beg to differ with me.

Autumn, fall, Seasonal image for licensing, inspirational, Janelle Nichol, mixed media, foliage, unique, pretty, art, Canada

Autumn is a second Spring where every leaf is a flower. Fall themed Mixed Media artwork by

So that’s my feelings about the season of Autumn. I am trying to incorporate those into my current pieces. Hopefully I can get some of that windy, foreboding blue prairie sky against the bright yellow leaves, but also include some of the oranges and reds that traditionally come with Fall as well.

This is just a short short video of the state of one of my pieces right now. I still have more sketching to do with the people I will put on there but the background is pretty much done I think. Let me know what you think in the comments below. & please don’t forget about the fabulous Pin it To Win It Contest! There is still time to enter & one person will win over $180 worth of Janelle Nichol artwork including various sizes of Prints, and a hand embellished, hand signed, canvas reproduction! Enter here

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Janelle Nichol, licensing, artist, Canada, Alberta, Grande Prairie, Inspirational

On my way to the airport to fly to Las Vegas for the 2013 Licensing Expo Show

You may or may not remember that just over a month ago I recently took a trip to Las Vegas to meet with my agent for the International Licensing Show. I was also able to film an interview there which I am finally going to show you in this post!

I had a TON of fun and it was really exciting as it is something I never really imagined would happen. So I thought I’d share a little bit about how this all came about…the art & the licensing. I’ve always been very creative & I have never been scared to start creative projects even if I had never done them before. I would say my creative side was first evident in music. That is what I did for a career & that is what I’ve studied in. Many people who knew me back in the day have now told me that, even though I did not consider myself any type of artist, they aren’t surprised to hear now that I have become a professional legitimate artist. The signs have always been there but it was not until later on that they actually came & showed themselves to me (HAHA). In a future post I will share about how I learned how to sketch. It’s kind of an interesting story.

Janele Nichol, video, artist, Canadian, Canada, Licensing, artwork, inspirational, abstract, beautiful

Inspirational artist Janelle Nichol preparing for interview with film crew in Las Vegas while attending the 2013 Licensing Show.

Janelle Nichol, Canada, Inspirational, artist, video, interview, Las Vegas, Licensing Expo 2013, artwork for licensing

Canadian Inspirational artist Janelle Nichol preparing for interview with film crew in Las Vegas while attending the 2013 Licensing Show.

Now the licensing part of it came much later. I had been interested in licensing my artwork for quite some time but didn’t know anything about it. I didn’t even know it was called “licensing”! I did some research online, & eventually sent out an email to another artist. I don’t even remember what I wrote in the email & frankly, I don’t want to…I’m pretty sure I would be embarassed because it was probably not that well written and remember? I had no idea what I was even doing! My agent has “threatened” to show it to me but I refuse. So long story still kinda long…my agent Todd, ended up receiving this email and he contacted me. In the beginning, I was quite hesitant because there are so many people out there offering services that don’t know much more about certain topics than I do! However, the one thing that kind of got my attention was that he was also the agent for a very successful artist that I had LONG been a fan of. After having a few conversations with him, I soon decided that it would be great to work with him. He has spent hours & hours  really teaching me all about licensing, how to make my artwork more marketable and getting me set up with this website. Plus- he puts up with all of my emails that contain all of my endless questions. BONUS!! In case you didn’t know, my agency is International Creative Licensing.

Which brings us to me finding myself in Las Vegas at the Licensing Show. Right from the very beginning, like the very first conversation I had with him,  it was suggested I plan to go. I was like, “Sign me up. I am there with bells on”. But I have to admit, there was a part of me that was thinking this might not go anywhere & the only place I would find myself in June would be my house here in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada, literally praying for Summer to come so my winter long depression could finally come to an end. Ok, I’m exagerating, winter doesn’t last here until June…it’s more like May.

So here’s the video that I filmed as well as some photos of my WONDERFUL time in Las Vegas. Basically, if I wasn’t at the show, I was at the pool. I was eating that sun up like nobody’s business! We were also given tickets to go see Blue Man group which was great BTW. In this video, I mainly answer questions about my art as it relates to licensing, but I will be doing another video soon where I answer all of the questions you have asked about me that have more to do with me as a person & my art & how I fit it all in.

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Hi all! Today I just wanted to do a feature on my new Fashion series artworks. I will be adding many more pieces in the future but these are my first round of pieces for this series.

shoes,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,heels,beautiful,artwork,art,butterfly,black,purple,pink

Black shoe with pink and purple butterfly. Abstract background created with purple and pink watercolors and acrylics. Mixed media artwork by folk artist Janelle Nichol

shoes,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,red,purple,black,grey

This is a mixed media watercolor and acrylic painting with a red shoe and is available for licensing purposes. The background is purple, black and grey watercolors with some acrylic paint as well. Artwork by Inspirational artist Janelle Nichol

I’ve been wanting to do “shoes” for awhile now and finally just did it in time for my Calgary show a couple of weeks ago. I have to say, these were so much fun to do! I was going for a really embellished, glamorous, artsy look. I also wanted to experiment with some colors that I haven’t used too often in the past. These stylish shoe pieces were a big hit in the show in Calgary so I already have plans to make many more for the Fall shows. A few of the Originals are still available for purchase in my Etsy Shop and all of these images are available as a Print and Stretched canvases. These are great in sets of 3 on the wall. I am going to be placing a set of them right beside my large bedroom mirror so that I can view them while I put on my jewellery. Right now I am offering a special promotional price in my Etsy Shop when you purchase 3 of these prints together. The sizes are 11×11 for the square images and 11×14 for the landscape or portrait images.

Here’s a video featuring the images of the shoes and all of the close-up detail shots of the shoes. The detail shots show some shadows because of some of the angles I used when photographing them but those shadows don’t show up in a print.

shoes,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,heels,beautiful,artwork,art,pink,turquoise,butterfly

Pink shoe with purple butterfly. Watercolor and acrylic background. Painting by mixed media artist Janelle Nichol

shoes,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,heels,beautiful,artwork,art,leather,lace,studs

Unique abstract artwork by Inspirational artist Janelle Nichol. Brown and black shoe assembled with lace and studs. Mixed media background.

shoes,artwork,mixed media,folk art,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,heels,beautiful,artwork,art,gold,glitter,yellow,grey,black, images of shoes

Gold shoes with glitter on the embellished heels with wide cream and black striped background. Abstract and unique, this artwork is by inspirational artist Janelle Nichol and was completed in May of 2013. This image is available for licensing. The original has been sold but prints are available.

hat,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,beautiful,artwork,art

Vintage inspired mixed media assemblage artwork by inspirational folk artist Janelle Nichol.

shoes,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,heels,beautiful,artwork,art,flowers,watercolor,turquoise,yellow

Shoes made with watercolor flowers. Abstract background done with acrylics and watercolors. Artwork by inspirational artist Janelle Nichol

shoes,artwork,mixedmedia,folkart,inspirational,style,fashion licensing,Janelle Nichol, Licensed,artist,Canadian,abstract,unique,whimsical,stylish,heels,beautiful,artwork,art,black,red,polka dots,pink

Black and white polka-dot shoes with abstract red and pink background. This mixed media artwork is by Canadian artist Janelle Nichol

Janelle Nichol, artwork, inspirational, tradeshow, mixed media, abstract, unique, art for licensing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, greeting cards

Canadian inspirational artist Janelle Nichol on day 3 of her show in Calgary, Alberta. Janelle’s artwork is available for licensing in a variety of categories.

Hi everybody, hopefully, you are all enjoying warmer weather where you are. I know that Spring has finally arrived here in Grande Prairie. Well, it was more like instant Summer as we had +30 degrees Celsius within one week of full blown winter weather!

I have been quite busy getting ready for the show in Calgary. We just returned Monday evening. It was a pretty busy time. It was great to be in Calgary and have the opportunity to show my artwork there. I had a great time meeting many of you who have now subscribed to my newsletter and some of you went to my FB page immediately & “liked” me WHILE you were waiting for me to put your purchase through! I really enjoy meeting new collectors as well as talking with people who have been collecting my art for some time now. I look forward to doing more shows throughout Alberta this year and you can always check out my schedule Here.  It looks like I will be quite booked in the Fall, so as of now, I unfortunately will not be able to make it back to Calgary this year but hopefully in 2014.

Janelle Nichol, artwork, inspirational, tradeshow, mixed media, abstract, unique, art for licensing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, greeting cards

Discussing my mixed media artwork with people at my booth in Calgary, Alberta.

Here are a few pictures of the show as well as a quick video I put together. Let me know what you think in the comments below. In my next blog post, I will be featuring some new pieces and sketches!

Head Hair

Mixed Media detail shot of hair for inspirational artwork Come Back Home To You by Canadian folk artist Janelle Nichol

“He said goodbye and promised he would be back, that he would come back home to her. As this elegant, graceful woman gazes over the beautiful valley, she will be able to watch her loved one go for quite some time yet before he is out of her view. The romance they share will inspire and carry her while she waits for his return. ” Artwork by Janelle Nichol. Links & info on how to purchase this piece are at the bottom of this post.

Just wanted to do a piece about my newest artwork. It’s titled “Come Back Home To You.” I will spare you all the messy details but this one was painful. I came very close to tearing it up and starting over a few times but I pulled through so I hope you all love it 🙂 There’s also a video of this piece if you scroll down.

There are quite a few things involved with each of my canvas artworks. 1st I start with the sketch which may or may not be done ahead of time. Then I do the background and this usually sets the whole mood of the piece, which I’m often not aware of until this stage is complete. In this particular piece, I did have a vision and it turned out quite similar to what I had in my head (this doesn’t often happen…usually I decide to go in a different direction). After the background is completed, I put the lady together, which means I decide what she’s wearing, what colors will go with the mood I’m trying to convey,etc. Once she is on the canvas, I paint her hair & do more things with her clothes to bring her “into” the piece. Then I fool around with the background some more and at some point I decide to be done. Rather, I just decide that I need to stop. Usually when I get to a boring song on my iPod or something. Also, one last thing: the bare feet have “Flora Anne” on them, which are the middle names of my 4 year old daughter Piper. I have other pieces where I have included the name “Flora” hidden amongst them as well.

folk art,painting,artist,licensing,woman,beautiful,inspirational,greeting cards,botanical,puzzles,christian,symbolic,heirloom,dreamy,calming,unique,folk art, wall art,artwork,nature,Janelle Nichol

He said goodbye and promised he would be back, that he would come back home to her. As this elegant, graceful woman gazes over the beautiful valley, she will be able to watch her loved one for quite some time yet before he is out of her view. The romance they share will inspire and carry her while she waits for his return.

One would think that at this point I am now done and can start another piece. One would be wrong. Now I have to get the image all ready to go to my agency, and into my gallery, my Etsy Shop, and Fine Art America where they are available to purchase as prints & as a Giclee Stretched Canvas Print. With this one, I also did a Video (see below) on Youtube. That took me all afternoon! I do all of this in the hopes that you will all enjoy the piece and to give you a better understanding of myself and my artwork! 

I do hope you love this newest piece and I would love to hear your comments and if you would be so kind, you can also like/share/pin/tweet it 🙂 Here is a gallery of some of the detail shots. Click on each one to see an enlarged image.

The Original has been SOLD.

High Quality Prints and Giclee Canvases can be purchased by Clicking here
and contacting me.

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Today I just wanted to share this short video I put together of my artwork titled “In The Springtime”

It has a little bit of a sweet story behind it, involving my 2 daughters, so I hope you watch & enjoy it! If you do enjoy it, likes &  comments here on my blog or in the YouTube video itself are appreciated. Remember I have a Janelle Nichol YouTube channel that you can subscribe to that has all of my art videos on there.