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order provigil australia

This Acrylic Painting by Canadian artist Janelle Nichol is inspired by a Spanish Flamenco dancer who is in a moment of rest between dances.

Hope you are all having a fantastic Summer so far! Just wanted to share another piece with you. This one is titled “Interlude”. I wanted to do a Spanish dance pe dress with a vibrant beautiful woman.

One of my favorite things about these pieces are the dreamy, abstract, slightly impressionist backgrounds. I love working on the backgrounds and discovering what colors come out. Then I just need to decide what colors to focus on and what to fade out.

I have sold the original of this but it is available as a Limited Edition Print and Giclee Canvas. Both come with a Certificate of Authenticity and they are available to purchase in my buy provigil usa Until July 13th, you can purchase this piece at a Promotional Price.

Original 20×28 Painting $3200.00

Limited Edition Print starting at $135.00

Limited Edition Giclee Canvas starting at $350.00 (no need for a frame)

Here are some detail shots. Click on each one to see a larger, clearer image.

Keep up with Janelle Nichol

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