Introducing The WC Collection (Watercolors)

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Introducing Janelle the “The WC Collection” by Janelle Nichol.

I’ve been working on some new stuff for awhile and I’m very excited to FINALLY announce The WC Collection! It is a collection of 15 Watercolor images which focuses on cleaner backgrounds and a flair for Fashion Illustrations. I have been showing these at all of my Spring shows and I was very happy to see people receiving them so well! Now, I am officially announcing the release of this collection online.

Enter a contest to win an ORIGINAL WATERCOLOR by clicking on the image to the right.

I’ve had many people say to me over the last couple of years that they think my sketches are great and would love to just purchase those so I thought it was high time I did something about that. These are also for the people that love some color but still want a nice clean background. Also, HELLO? FACES!!!  I did NOT like the combination of a sparse background without faces, so I did what I had to do. Did I not say I have been busy with new stuff???! Whereas, the mixed media pieces work well without faces as there is so much else going on in the piece…many times it doesn’t even register with people that there isn’t a face as your mind will fill the face in for you….I felt these watercolors needed a face to add to the Fashion Flair if you will 🙂

I’ve worked with watercolor paints previously but it was always in a “mixed media” way where I used it in a hither and thither/ oh let’s see what happens/ abstract kind of way. This collection uses watercolors in a more thought-out way but I still loved the free-flowing, not totally controlled effect you get with them. Though I will admit, at times, it can be hard to just let it happen when I am trying to paint an outfit or do some shading on the skin.

Listen people- I do my art in 2 ways. Either it’s very thought-out & organized or it is a complete free-for-all where it’s just disaster…add something….disaster…add more….still disaster….let’s try this….oh. my. word. THAT’S AMAZING. How did that happen? Just for a fun game- and because I’m sure you have nothing better to do- why not go through my pieces and see if you can guess which is which? Because nothing says fun like an evening of picking apart Janelle’s artwork.

Now because I have such an extensive mixed media background and want all of my work to be a reflection of me, and because I love glitter and sparkles (like an 8 year old girl high on rainbows & unicorns) I added some rhinestones, sequins and glitter! Just a little touch in places I thought could be enhanced. You can enjoy the video and detail shots of those at the bottom of this post.

The prints are very affordable at 18$ and 21$. These are 8×10’s and 11×14’s & will fit in a standard frame that you can buy anywhere. They look absolutely stunning in a black frame with a black matte. These high quality prints have a slight sheen on them that pairs well with watercolor images AND because of how and where they are produced, the shipping cost is only around $2.50! Here’s the best part- they will be 20% off until May 31st. (automatically discounted at checkout) So take advantage people! These watercolor images also look great on the iPhone Cases and 5×7 Greeting Cards so take a peek at those too while you’re at it.

Another small HUGE announcement is that I have closed my Etsy Shop & have opened an online store! Now you can shop, add things to your cart, pay with Credit Card or Paypal directly from my store, knowing that your information is verified and secure with SSL Encryption. All purchases will now be made through there. I invite you to visit my store HEREDon’t forget to enter the contest to win a ORIGINAL Watercolor. You can do that by clicking the image above.



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