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soooo Pinterest- am I right?

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Inspirational artist Janelle Nichol Pinterest Boards

Ok, so I’ve been on Pinterest  since it first came out for a little bit now and I’ve heard people talk about how it’s SOOO addicting. I was like, “really? I don’t see it.” I would just spend a little bit of time here & there pinning recipes that I just KNEW  would revolutionize my life forever. I never made anything & I’m still a terrible cook. I’m not kidding- just last night, I burned pancakes & bacon & had to call my husband to come and help me, like I’m some 12 year old. But that’s for a future post. Safe to say, my life was not revolutionized.

I knew that as an artist,  Pinterest was the Social Media website that was MADE for me. It’s all about the visual, & as an artist…well you get the idea. So this week, my daughters have been attending church day camp. I woke them up at 8:15 AM every morning this week. Correction: I woke up at 8:15 & then at 8:25 I actually moved. It’s Summer people- the only thing this week did was solidify my belief that I was not going to enjoy the first week of school. I know that isn’t that early at all but we are lazy in Summer.  It’s just the way it is. Every morning I convinced myself that it wouldn’t be so bad- just get them up, drive them over there & go back to bed! Problem solved. Except that I’m 39 and also- who does that?! Not 40 year olds. A more appropriate solution would be to wait until naptime at 3:00.

So what did I do when I got back home with no kids running around? Well- I did laundry, cleaned the bedrooms & tackled some long overdue house cleaning projects I’ve been avoiding. No. I did none of that. What I did was organize my Pinterest boards so they are FABULOUS and SUPER PRETTY. Now THIS will revolutionize my life y’all!! I’m pretty sure it will anyway…

So with doing all of that, I have learned a few things about Pinterest. After acting like a freak for about 2 days on Pinterest, I decided to behave in a more rational manner. Here is what I learned. Keep in mind, these tips are from my own experiences with Pinterest, like the terrarium thing-a-ma-jig, (please don’t get offended if you are a legit terrarium maker) & I don’t know if these are good tips or bad tips or just plain weird tips, but here they are in random order.


Just because one has a board that is all about the color green, does not mean all the green things you see on the internet should go on your green Pinterest board. A green marble, is just a green marble. You’ve seen one before, you will see one again.

Be selective & be smart. Don’t turn into some insane person, rapidly pinning everything that catches your eye.  That’s when you discover the “Like” button. As in, “I think I kind of like this but do I like it because I THINK I should like it or because I really do actually like it?” I don’t know, but for right now, it’s not worthy of one of my fantastic boards so it will just get a Like & if it’s lucky, I will be back one day. Probably not. But that’s it’s own fault for not being totally awesome enough to immediately pin

– Boards. So many boards. I don’t even have that many & I really can’t keep track of them all. I don’t as yet have any solution for this though. My biggest problem right now is if I should call one of my boards “Lovelies” or “In My Dreams” OR should I have BOTH of these boards??  & then how do I decide what goes into “Lovelies” or what goes into “In My Dreams” ??? These are actual thoughts I have in my head.

These “How-to” pins. Now come on- are you really going to follow through on your plans to create a Terrarium? Do you even know what one is? No. You don’t & you’re not. Sure, it would be really cool to actually do it & brag to all of your friends but the fact is you just aren’t that girl sooo….move on. Besides, let’s get real- your friends don’t care about the stupid terrarium either.

Finally,  after typing the word Pinterest numerous times, you will start to find that it looks weird and you won’t even be sure if you are spelling it correctly. But whatever you do, please don’t pronouce it Pinetrest. That will ruin my day.

BTW- the images shown here are just a few of my many Pinterest boards.


Next post! (no it’s not) is tips for Instagram & how I obsess about taking pictures of clouds like I’m the only person on earth that has ever seen one so I better take a picture & put it out there so people can be all like “WOW- where does she live? She has CLOUDS??!!”

For those who are interested, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking buy provigil usa or you can click on the Pinterest Logo at the top right.


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Inspirational artist Janelle Nichol Pinterest Boards


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2 thoughts on “My Pinterest Addiction (I get it now)

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  2. I love you Janellee 🙂 I love when you share your thoughts and I get a glimpse of what’s going through your head 🙂 You make me smile 🙂

    Oh, and I love following you on Pinterest and Instagram 🙂

    BTW: I over use smiley faces at the end of every sentence because I truly do smile when I type to people 🙂