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“ The details of Janelle’s work are AMAZING! I am just so awestruck by her talent!”

 “Normally I would want to see the expression on the face to find out what is going on with the person and the piece but there is something about  your work…I actually learn more about the piece BECAUSE there are no faces.  I don’t know how she does it- there are no expressions & yet I feel like I identify with the person/people in your pieces so much!”

 “I believe that each piece of Janelle’s artwork embraces something that we love about ourselves & that is why when we see them we want to take them home with us. Janelle’s gift to capture this beauty in art is something to admire.”

 “Her attention to detail is phenomenal!!! I lOVE LOVE LOVE my piece- once again, PERFECTION!”

 “It’s moments like this I wish I could crawl into someone’s mind and steal a fraction of their creativity because what I’m seeing is so brilliant that I almost can’t handle it! JANELLE is one of those people for me. I mean honestly…look at how cool her work is!”

 “I drooled over every single piece of art in Janelle’s beautiful collection!”

 “Ordering long distance from Janelle was easy. I paid online & had my order within 2 days. Her work is so great & people who view it are so impressed! They can’t get over the small details that Janelle includes!”

 “Love her work. Got to see one in person the other day & it’s absolutely beautiful.”

 “It’s been a long time since I saw someone’s art & said -I have to have that. Janelle’s art makes me feel that way.

 “It is not often that I see a piece of art that speaks to my heart & I feel it is a part of me but that is how I felt when I saw one of her pieces. I absolutely love it. Janelle had amazing customer service, I cannot wait to deal with her again!”

 “I bought 4 BEAUTIFUL pieces from Janelle. When they arrived, I couldn’t believe how inspiring they were. They hang in our entryway and will be treasured forever! Thanks Janelle!”

 “I have never been one to enjoy the artwork of “people”. I tend to be an animal or landscape girl. However, every time I see Janelle’s artwork, I want one. Thank-you for making me appreciate art in a different light”

 “Part of the allure of her pieces is that there is so much to see/look for in each piece that you can see something new/different each time you look at them. Janelle’s pieces move me like no other artwork has moved me in recent memory.”